Monday 13 August 2012

Watch Out, Watch Out, There's a Shoe Thief About!

I have a favourite pair of shoes. They are a pair of Sketchers I bought about five years ago. And after a wash in the washing machine, they are always as good as new, smelling as fresh as a daisy. And I left them over night to dry off, thinking nothing more about it.  

Well now one of them is missing! I thought I was going daft and searched everywhere but it definitely wasn't anywhere to be seen. Someone was having a laugh as I imagined I was the victim of a practical joke.   

Missing: Have you seen this shoe . .
I accused Hubby and #1Son as the latter was out kicking a ball and the former doesn't like them. But they protested their innocence. And I actually believed them because why would they risk life and limb touching one of my shoes?    

But, it turns out,  there is a prime suspect . . . .

Prime Suspect shoe thief  
Yes, she may look all cute and innocent, sunbathing  like she owns the garden, but don't let that fool you. Apparently Foxes like to take things, so I have been told by various people. I guess it's the doggy thing they're doing; chewing items to death as they slobber all over it. 
I have searched the garden but nothing.  But then . . . . do I really want it back? Hubby thinks this is highly amusing and is in awe that the fox isn't dead from touching the shoe. Cheers! That's really kind of you.  

But it's not all bad . . . . . I get the excuse to go shoe shopping for another pair.  Love


  1. I love it!!! This is such a fun read!!! Yay for new shoes!!! :)

    1. It really did bug me though but yeah, noew shoes. . hopefully! Glad you liked and visited a blog post Ruth. xxx

  2. You should never need an excuse for shoe shopping, enjoy x.

    1. I know, but I'm full of excuses for shopping and justifying spending pennies on myself. xx

    2. Well I got around to reading it at last, I had the same thing happen with my shoes, but they took both of them, I even went as far as reporting it to the police, that was way embarassing when my husband found one half chewed in the garden!