Friday, 29 March 2013

#Blog Flash 2013 Day 21 Success

To be honest, I haven’t felt very successful this past twenty four hours in most aspects of my life where I really want to be successful. Firstly, call from No #1 son’s school to say he decided he was going bunk his last lesson so starting to question parenting. Secondly, got crappy rejection letter. I don’t mind the rejection- it’s expected but do they have to be so blunt to the point of being rude? Thirdly, I have lost my mojo in the creative department and spent hours trying to get the 200 words right. ARRRGGGGG!
On a positive note, I have managed to complete the final Blog flash. Whoop! Whoop! And met some wonderful bloggers which is worth going over the word count for. So I guess success can come in small doses and the rest will hopefully fall into place and not be so bad with a pinch of perspective.

word count 153 (oops)
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Flash! Friday # 17

My first attempt at Flash Friday hosted by the lovely Rebekah Postupak over at . Here's what I came up with from the rather Gothic picture prompt which I like very much. x 

The Last Guardian

The last Guardian looked to the indigo sky that was darkening by the second, smothering the stars that once brightly studded the sky.
It was time.
He knelt, resting a withered hand on the crumbling, moss covered tombstone and began to mutter incoherently as wisps of spirit floated up towards the tower.
     A sharp crack echoed throughout the ruin as a bright light beamed through the windows of the tower, shining down on the Guardian and the tombstones of his predecessors. Slowly, he rose knowing the pure light would attract those who had waited as long as he had for this moment, but with darkness guiding them.
    Shadows advanced across the land and the Guardian stood firm, hand raised, his fingers splayed. Blue sparks flew from his finger tips, finding their mark but there were too many and his powers were weakened.
     “Old man, your time here is over. A new order has begun.” The Guardian laughed at Cain as the light in the tower ceased.  
     A low rumbling vibrated through the ruin. Fire burst through the tower walls as the Guardian’s job was done; the dragon was born, surrounded by his predecessor’s spirit as Cain receded in fear and defeat.

201 (excluding title)

Wednesday, 27 March 2013

#Blog Flash 2013 Day 19 City

I've written many pieces on London so not to want to bore you (again) with how fabulous the city is, I have decided to write about another city . . . . 

Any reason to go to London and I am there. I love the thrill of the city; the noise, crowds, smells and tempo. There is one city I haven’t had the pleasure of but it is on the top of my list to go to; New York. When we see pics of it on TV, I’m instantly filled with excitement and an urge to go, where as my husband sees a concrete jungle of chaos and his worst nightmare. Needless to say, when I eventually get to experience this wonderful city, I will be going without him.  J  

97 words

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Thursday, 21 March 2013

#Blog Flash 2013 Day 15 Friendship

Together, they walked arm in arm along the muddy path as the cold, damp air lay heavy around them. No words were needed. They sat side by side, hugging their coats tighter as the cold air slowly enveloped them. Through hymns and readings, the two friends lent on each other; their white knuckle grip only matched by their anguish at sitting in the church decades earlier than they should have been. They seemed to take it in turns to sob uncontrollably yet quietly, still holding tight to one another; seeking comfort, support and love as well as answers that never came. . .

Surrounded by friends, strength flowed slowly through their bodies as they could smile and remember in celebration and support others, all sharing their grief, memories, hugs and smiles as one family.  


Dedicated to my lovely friends and colleagues. xxx

Over the word count today. I'm going to take Jack Sparrow's take on the rules/code and see them as more of guidelines; I wanted to get back to more of a story entry. xx


Wednesday, 20 March 2013

#Blog Flash 2013 Day 14 Home

Oops. I have missed a few and am gutted at having missed some very good prompts. But when you're not in the mood, you're not in the mood. I can't force writing. Anyway, I'm in the mood tonight so here is day 14- home. x

It’s lovely to go round a friend’s house where you feel so relaxed; it’s like being at home, apart from wearing pyjamas. However, one night myself and the Mad Yank were invited to a friends’ house for apple crumble one Saturday evening.  I’m sure there was another reason too but I can’t remember. And just to show how relaxed, chilled and at home we were, we turned up at our friend’s house in our pyjamas and furry slippers. And being a wonderful friend, she didn't mind at all as she served up her home made yummy, scrummy crumble. x

99 words

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Thursday, 14 March 2013

#Blog Flash Day 10 Time

I haven’t had time to think about this prompt this evening. I have no idea where the time has gone. Why does it disappear so fast? I swear when I was a kid, time dragged so slowly, that at times it stood still especially when it came to Christmas; it seemed to take forever to come round again. Now it’s here in the blink of an eye and gone just as quick.  But there are times I relish time moving quickly; queuing in the supermarket, the walk home from work, the working day and definitely watching Hubby’s boring TV shows.

Day 10 and isn't this blog flash flying by. For more shorts on time, visit   

Wednesday, 13 March 2013

#Blog Flash 2013 Day 9 Spring (whatever that is!)

One season called spring.
Answers to the name of spring, new life, budding flowers, smiley faces, happy, warm, fuzzy feeling.
Feels like warmth, happy, spring in step, light, fun, happy.
Caused by yellow ball of fire in the sky (seen last May). 
If seen please contact us Brit's who are in desperate need of the sun on our faces!
Can give you, in return for some sun, gallons of rain water, ice, snow, frost and rain clouds.
From a washed out, fed up Brit who was not born with an umbrella attached to her arm contrary to popular belief.


From a despondent Brit wishing Spring had sprung already!!!!

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Tuesday, 12 March 2013

#Blog Flash 2013 Day 8 Chocolate (Yum!)

Day 8; Chocolate!!! Yum! yum! yum! Slightly over the word count but hey, it's chocolate! I could write a thousand words on the stuff!!  

I loved the night shift at Harrods. Walking around the store in the death of night was a privilege especially in the Food halls which were usually crowded by day. Now they’re empty and I could browse at my leisure (well security patrol). The smell would hit you first; that sweet, unmistakable smell of chocolate. Your eyes are drawn to the perfect displays of little delicate chocolates, all lined up, some in pretty foils, others showing their glossy nakedness. I would mentally pick out my favourites, all presented in a little (medium) sized gold box just waiting to be opened and devoured. I did love my job and on leaving did get one of those gold boxes.


Day 8 chocolate. for other chocolaty tales, visit  for chocoholics, recipes and pure indulgence. xx

Monday, 11 March 2013

#BlogFlash 2013 Day 7 Nature

Oops, missed a few. Last week was far too long and busy. now back to normal this week so will try and keep up. Here's my thought on Nature. xxxx 
Photo By Lizzie Koch

We like to think we’re the masters of the world with all our technology, money and power. But even this is not enough to protect us from the elements. Severe flooding and snow storms have battered Britain these past few months and at present we are in the midst of a blizzard where schools are closed, roads blocked and cars abandoned.
The weather is a force of nature we cannot control. It’s not a force of nature we can accurately predict despite the millions of pounds of technology. The weather shows how insignificant we really are.


For more flash fiction and prompts, visit   where ypou can read other entries. xx

Sunday, 10 March 2013

5 Sentence Fiction Whisper


I decide to go with humour this week for Whisper for Five Sentence Fiction over at . I think my previous piece for a humorous Zombie Flash has started something. xx  

The First day

It wasn’t what Rosie had expected on her first day as manager as she had been promised that her sudden rise wouldn't affect friendships; she had earned it after all with her ‘Superwoman’ tag and attitude to work and getting things done.
She’d even brought in cupcakes that she had made to celebrate with her staff and friends as well as extending their lunch break, seeing as they had gone to so much effort with Good Luck cards and wanting to toast the first day.
Since lunch, there were whisperings, sniggerings and dropped eyes every time Rosie walked by and now her nerves were so frayed with the thought that something bad was going to happen that she couldn’t leave her office, especially when her colleagues started to randomly do impressions of Superman.
Rosie watched her colleagues who continued to laugh even when she met prospective clients and too her amazement, even they began to laugh but not so discreetly.
“I’m sorry” began the older of the two clients, trying to stifle his laugh “but . . . . . er . . . . . your skirt is  . . . . . er . . . . . . tucked in your . . . . . er . . . . . Superman knickers.”

 And there it is. Hop over to lilliemcferrin  for more 5SF stories. xx

Zombie Flash Fiction Competition

I do enjoy a good Zombie Flash!

Confessions of a Stuffed Olive is running a flash fiction comp and it's about Zombies but with a twist; it has to contain humour, whether dark, dry or laugh out loud. Eek. Tough challenge  but here's my entry. Oh and you have to do it in a minimum of 250 words.  

The Boardroom

“What’s funny about zombies? They eat brains, rip your guts out.”  Fiona stared around the bemused faces of the boardroom. “Being eaten alive is not funny and you want to use them in a TV show?”
“Exactly. We’ll show the world zombies are not scary. Think of the ratings.” Excited murmurings continued round the table. “It’s not their fault they've mutated into zombies. They can be famous. Everyone wants to be famous.” Fiona’s chair toppled over in her urgency to leave the crazy meeting; she didn't mind slamming the door either, hearing mutterings of failed promotion behind her. They were buffoons; morons if they thought a bunch of brain eating zombies were going to make a ratings winner.  
“Any ideas on the best way to use the zombies?” continued Tony as the doors opened with a rotting hand curling around the frame, flesh dripping from the bone.  The groaning for brains grew louder, smelling fresh blood. Cries and agonizing screams filled the room as the board now knew what it was like to be eaten alive.
A gun shot rang out, another and another; the noise deafening, the stench vomit educing. It didn't take Fiona long to dispatch the zombies but she could still hear groaning; Tony, his throat ripped out and his guts hanging just like Fiona had described.
“Not so funny now eh?” Coolly, she shot him, sat in his chair and picked up his phone.
“Get me cleaning and Joan Collins.” Promotion just got easier.

248 (excluding title)   

Tuesday, 5 March 2013

#Blogflash 2013 Day 3 Innocence

Standing outside the newsagents, Cameron knew now was the time to prove himself. He walked in, palms sweating, adrenaline pumping through his body.  He looked to Josh, hoping he had changed his mind but Josh’s eyes glared, willing him on. With one swipe, Cameron had a bag of sweets in his grasp and he turned, walking quickly, head down towards the exit, dreading a heavy hand on his shoulder. He clenched his eyes shut, not breathing.  . . .
“It wasn’t so hard was it?” Cameron beamed at his idol, knowing he’d take a greater risk for Josh next time.

97 words

Day 3, Innocence. For more flash go to  


  • Starts March 1st, ends March 29.
  • Write a 50-100 word post for each daily prompt on your own blog during March (weekdays only).
  • Your post can be factual or fictional, prose or poetry, anecdotal or otherwise!
  • Come back during each day of March to leave a comment on that day’s post with your own link.
  • Try and visit 5 blogs a day if you can and see how other people used the prompts!

Monday, 4 March 2013

#Blogflash 2013 Day 2 Technology

Girls Aloud at the O2 Arena march 3rd 2013

I like technology.  In fact I love it! The old days of sending your film off for developing and waiting two weeks for the photos are long gone. You take the pick, you have the pic and you can share the pic instantly with others. 

  I did this last night whilst at the O2, sharing amazing scenes. Technology has enabled me to get the tickets, get the pics and record an amazing event which could possibly be the best gig I have been to. And that’s saying something.
It has also enabled me to blog about it.

Nicola, Nadine, Sarah, 'Nimble Kimble, Cheryl

97 words

 BlogFlash is back! Throughout March, there is the chance to post up to 21 pieces on various subjects. Hosted by terri at  you can read other entries by other fab writers.   

Saturday, 2 March 2013

5 Sentence Fiction Empty

Joe watched the hungry flames as they licked around the frames and walls, spreading wildly and quickly, crackling fiercely; his artwork twisting, lapping, dancing high into the night sky. He couldn't hang around for long as the flames would be an invitation for the firemen and police despite the building being dilapidated, forgotten and condemned; he was just saving them time and money and enjoying his work at the same time, even if no one else appreciated his efforts in tidying up the neighbourhood from squatters and their misuse of vacant houses. The fire was alive as the old, wooden house behind it was barely visible, as the flames fed on the rotting timbers sending a plume of thick smoke swirling into the sky and even though Joe was drawn to the flames like a moth, he knew it was time to leave.
 Joe knew there would be no more squatters blighting his neighbourhood because he knew the house wasn’t empty as he had sent out fliers about a party and had watched them all turn up before setting the place alight for his own party. Sitting in his armchair, grinning with satisfaction, Joe picked up a copy of the flier he had made, admiring his handy work, turning it over in his hand and seeing a familiar handwritten note scrawled on the back made him wretch violently;  Dad, gone to this party, pick me up at midnight, love J.  

5 sentence fiction is hosted by the lovely  Lillie Mcferrin. There are amazing stories here you can read by amazing writers and remember, all stores are only five sentences. it's amazing what you can get from five sentences. xxx