Thursday, 21 March 2013

#Blog Flash 2013 Day 15 Friendship

Together, they walked arm in arm along the muddy path as the cold, damp air lay heavy around them. No words were needed. They sat side by side, hugging their coats tighter as the cold air slowly enveloped them. Through hymns and readings, the two friends lent on each other; their white knuckle grip only matched by their anguish at sitting in the church decades earlier than they should have been. They seemed to take it in turns to sob uncontrollably yet quietly, still holding tight to one another; seeking comfort, support and love as well as answers that never came. . .

Surrounded by friends, strength flowed slowly through their bodies as they could smile and remember in celebration and support others, all sharing their grief, memories, hugs and smiles as one family.  


Dedicated to my lovely friends and colleagues. xxx

Over the word count today. I'm going to take Jack Sparrow's take on the rules/code and see them as more of guidelines; I wanted to get back to more of a story entry. xx



  1. A real tribute, beautiful Lizzie. x

  2. Your words hugged my heart x.

  3. A touching take on the prompt, and a powerful reminder of the role of friends.

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