Mad Amercian Moments

This page is dedicated to my Mad American friend. She is an avid follower of my blogs and flash fiction, always commenting (and getting upset that she isn’t first), encouraging me in my writing and giving me ideas to write about. She loves discussing my characters in my novels and is an excellent proof reader and critic! She also demands to know if I’ve added anything new to my new story; actually nags me to write some more! And why my ‘darn book isn’t published yet!’
But she does come up with some wonderfully silly comments which this page is going to celebrate!!
Every time she says or does something daft, you will find it here! And yes, the Mad American loves the idea. Every time there is a new daft moment, I will post. Obviously, I'm not saying she's mad because she is Amercian. I think she's lucky to have the Amercian free spirit and the English eccentric spirit. xxx 
Enjoy. xxx
The lovely Mad American asked her Hubby if the brown smudge on the conservatory door was rust.
Hubby: No, the door is plastic.
Mad American: But there's rust.
Hubby: No, the door is plastic.
Mad American: It looks like rust.
"Hubby: Plastic doesn't rust!

Mad America: What's a meme?
Me: not sure what it stands for but it's blog speak for a chain thingy that bloggers complete, giving more info about themselves.
Mad American: I thought it meant Me, Me. (Which is cute and actually could be true.) 

On seeing a Lotus parked, The Mad American said "too bad the seats are plastic in such a nice car".
To be honest, I didn't know whether the seats shouldn't be plastic in a Lotus either but then I wasn't stanindg next to it and looking at this gorgeous car. I'm sure just by looking, you could tell . . .  

Whislt I was dicussing the Diamond Jubilee, I mentioned it was a once in a lifetime experience to which The Mad American replied "Well something may happen to Charles and William and Harry can be King, then we can  have another Diamond Jubilee. Really?

The Mad American was playing a game on the laptop with the volume up. One of her son's told her to use head phones of which she did. Half an hour later, the son could still hear the music but The Mad American was using head phones . . .How could this be? The Mad American had plugged the head phones into the wrong hole and didn't realise, thinking the sound was coming from them . . Oh dear, wearing head phones to keep your ears warm maybe?

None of us like waste and often heat up left overs . . This is what The Mad American did . . . On having some  take away left over, it was heated up in the oven for one of her son's to demolish. Very nice. Until there was a smell of burning. . . . the chips had been left in the original plastic packaging which had melted . . . Oops.

Seven  (added 23.6.12)
Here is a true story from a very good friend of The Mad American. She has known The Mad American for over 20 years so she will have loads of funny stories. At a Eurovision song contest party some years ago, each family had a country they could dress up in, bring a drink and some food from that country. The Mad American and her Hubby came as Holland (Hubby looking a bit like Bjorn from Abba). The following year they came as Vikings! Anyway ... The Mad American all of a sudden pipes up, very loud and clear, "I just don't get it, why isn't America in this?" She then spent the rest of the evening scoring each country with the kids!! And now you've all stopped laughing. . . . oh no, you haven't.  . . . . . .I laughed for hours after hearing this!! And can just imagine her saying it, hearing her frustration at something being so good that her beloved country wasn't involved in.


  1. I go. I was thinking that I can't believe that I am really as thick as this page depicts and I thought I should really not agree to this page BUT then I thought that this page is really what I am. It makes me the person that I truly am. So I absolutely love this page. I am not embarrassed. I love it. It means a lot that Kochy has dedicated a page to me. Thank you from the bottom of my heart <3

    1. It makes you who you are . . and we love you for who you are. . . you make us laugh and you make us smile and you make life fun!!!!
      But maybe hold back on your appreciation . . another story has come to light which will appear very soon from one of your oldest friends. . . . .

    2. Oh no, please. Is it from who I think it is? Maybe an old neighbor of mine? What could it possibly be???? And thank you for the above compliments xxxx

  2. Lol, love you Mrs F, so lovely but also slightly crazy! You & Liz are perfect friends! Can't wait for more mad moments xxxx

  3. lol Thank you Charlotte!!! I can promise you that there will be more moments. xxxx

  4. Oh my gosh!!!!!! I remember that now, that comment I made about Eurovision. This is cracking me up. I loved scoring the countries yes I did!!!! Mrs. Moorey.....this is too funny. How can I thank you for having such a good memory???? Of course America should have been in it, they are in everything!!!! lol

  5. Thanks Koch, I am forever grateful for this latest contribution. I am being portrayed as more blond as the ditzy comments increase. I should probably dye my hair to match my intelligence :-)

    1. However, your ditzy comments are becoming few and far between so maybe hold off on the blonde. . . . .for the time being. Xxx :-) x

  6. Oh dear, she is wonderful isn't she? I bet you're missing her this summer Liz!!! XX

    1. Oh I am!! Every summer she goes. . . . One summer i'll meet up with her out there. Thank yoiu for reading! xx