Thursday, 14 April 2016

ThursThreads Wk212 Why Are You Still Here?

I sat by my husband’s bedside, squeezing his limp hand until my fingers whitened. A spasm of pain etched across his pale face. Behind his closed eyes, something was there, still fighting, still wanting to be. I sighed then helped myself to the grapes by his bedside.  

I leant in close and whispered into his ear. “What will it take? Why are you still here?” It wasn’t the first time I‘d try to kill my husband but I hoped it was the last as I laced his favourite soup. I was running out of creative ways to make it look like an accident. And now the doctor had said he would survive, suggesting a bad bout of food poisoning of the innocent kind.     

He opened his eyes and they fell on me; cold, unblinking ice blue eyes. His thin lips curled into a smirk. “I’m thinking the same thing.” His hoarse voice made his words sound sinister.

I frowned, not understanding his ramblings, feeling a bit queasy from demolishing the entire bunch of grapes.  

“I know it was you, my dear. I know you know I’ve been unfaithful. But what you don’t know is
. . . I win.”

A hot flush pricked my skin. He cast his eye to the bare grape stalks.

“You should have done it right, my dear. I did.”

“Wh-at? H-how?” But I would never know as I slumped over him, his hand stroking my hair as I breathed my last.


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  1. Love it! Sadly my hubby doesn't eat grapes...😉 xxz

  2. Lol, you had me with the first paragraph! xxx