Tuesday 12 April 2016

A-Z The Adventures of Katie Button - R

Continuing my A-Z series on The Adventures of Katie Button, my first romance/chicklit novel published through Crooked Cat. Taking a little break from the second draft of the sequel to explore a little bit more about Katie Button. Just the one letter today as there’s so much to write for R.

From the sequel, love this quote.

Red Communications

This is where all the troubles started for Katie. She loves her job but doesn’t set the world alight and goes unnoticed at Blackwell Creative, a mediocre branding company. But enter the Mastersons. Blackwell is taken over by Red owned by the Mastersons; brothers Jack and James and their father John Sr. At the same time, Katie starts having vivid dreams about James who she hasn’t had the pleasure of meeting until an awkward encounter in the boardroom. Red is the setting for a few office shenanigans, bitter quarrels, a bit of backstabbing and plenty of coffee. Just another day at the office; ‘reminded me of my days working alongside advertising execs!’ said a kind reader/reviewer.

Regression / Reincarnation
To try and make sense of the dreams, Katie undergoes regression. Through hypnosis, Katie revisits  past lives, discussing them with Peter who helps Katie make sense of the dreams and find the purpose of  them. The regressions are tough and emotional (brownies are a must afterwards) as they reveal painful truths, sometimes violent but always tragic.

The soul is reincarnated until it finishes its purpose on this Earth. I find this rather romantic as our souls have a destiny and do not rest until they meet their destiny, their soul mate on their journey- no matter how long it takes.    

From a friend's wedding. Too cute

The one thing that spoils a good shopping trip. The things that are left screwed up in the bottom of the bag. The things that remind Katie of the money she doesn’t have that she just spent on boots. But she really needs the boots. Honest.

Robbie Williams

Who doesn’t love Robbie!!!! (The exclamation marks are a giveaway that I actually love him). The clamour for tickets for one of his gigs is a pressurised, stressful few hours. But time well spent if successful (even if it is during work time). Katie doesn’t want to miss seeing Robbie at the O2 with her bestie, Alana. But there’s more to Robbie than a gig as Katie finds out . . .

The day I met Robbie Williams!!!!!! EEEKKKKK

Back to the highwayman. The sexy, wicked rogue of Katie’s dreams. There’s also a rogue in the real world, in Katie’s life who is just as sexy. But rogues aren’t for keeps as Katie finds out. 

That nerve racking moment when a review comes in. The Adventures of Katie has 22 reviews now including 18 five stars!!! (Amazon UK) and three reviews over on Amazon US. I’m over the moon at the positive comments and love for Katie Button. I can’t emphasise how important reviews are for an Indie author (good ones lol). Whether it’s a paragraph or two words, your review means the world and is truly appreciated.


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