Friday 29 March 2013

#Blog Flash 2013 Day 21 Success

To be honest, I haven’t felt very successful this past twenty four hours in most aspects of my life where I really want to be successful. Firstly, call from No #1 son’s school to say he decided he was going bunk his last lesson so starting to question parenting. Secondly, got crappy rejection letter. I don’t mind the rejection- it’s expected but do they have to be so blunt to the point of being rude? Thirdly, I have lost my mojo in the creative department and spent hours trying to get the 200 words right. ARRRGGGGG!
On a positive note, I have managed to complete the final Blog flash. Whoop! Whoop! And met some wonderful bloggers which is worth going over the word count for. So I guess success can come in small doses and the rest will hopefully fall into place and not be so bad with a pinch of perspective.

word count 153 (oops)
For more on success, please visit the wonderful  xxxx


  1. Sounds like you are having a tough 24hrs but hang in there! Sorry about the rejection – didn't realize it was so new, but the fact is, someone liked your submission enough to take the time to respond, which is good; I'm mostly scared of simply never hearing back.. This also means you've done all of the hard work necessary before you can even start submitting, and that is definitely something to mark in the 'success' column. & kids test boundaries but I'm sure that'll work out as well :-)

    Hope you have a great weekend!

  2. Ouch, I know the feeling when everything seems to go wrong. Hope you'll have better time this weekend!

  3. Hey Lizzie. Just because your kid bunked off lessons doesn't make you a bad parent! Sorry about the rejection, and you're right, there's no need for them to be rude. As for losing your mojo, reading this post it doesn't seem like it!!!
    I've really enjoyed reading your posts and catching up with you again! :-)

  4. I'll take it if even in 'small doses,' as long as it comes to keep us going forward. I've enjoyed reading your posts and it was nice to get back in touch. Do write after your trip to NY; I'd love to hear what you thought of it...Sounds like you could use that trip right about now! ;0)

  5. Hang in there Lizzie! It's really tough to get a contract from a traditional publisher. Just keep trying and don't take second best! It's been fun!

  6. Some days are just pants! Hope you're having a fab weekend, and many more successes to come x.