Friday, 30 May 2014

Thursday Threads You Know What I Mean?

The drinks came thick and fast yet Lianne wasn’t relaxed despite the row of empty glasses. She’d pay  in the morning, no doubt, but right now, her mind and body needed numbing as she downed another shot.
   “I’m sure Tim would’ve forgotten all about it,” Janice said in a sickly sweet sympathetic voice.
     What did she know? “You don’t know what you’re talking about,” Lianne sneered. “You weren’t there.”
     “I know but, people have rows all the time, you know what I mean? In the heat of the moment, things are said, you can’t unsay but you can move on. Everything will be fine come morning.”
     Lianne’s hand shook as she picked up a fresh cocktail glass. Nothing was fine and never would be. He said dreadful things, pushed her too far with his accusations of cheating, throwing mistrust at her in the form of a fist. All she wanted was to go out for drinks with Janice, had planned it months in advance, knowing what he was like.
    It was when the second fist came in towards her already bloodied nose, she defended herself, grabbing the first thing she could, hitting him in the forehead. She’d never forget the blank look on his face as his eyes rolled back and a trickle of blood ran down his face before he keeled over, slamming into the floor head first.
   She’d left him exactly where he fell, and as she downed another cocktail, a story had already formed in her mind.


My first Thursday Threads in I don't know how long!!! Visit Siobhan Muir over at The Weird, the Wild and the Wicked for more tales. xx


  1. That was some end! But, he deserved it. Not fair to treat her like this...
    Power-packed tale :)

    1. Thanks for visiting and commenting on my ThursThreads! It was lonely until you came along. Glad you liked it!! :-) xx