Thursday, 3 January 2013

#12 Days of Christmas blog hop

Day 10 
I hadn't realised I'd missed so many days of the Blog Hop. Here's my entry for day 10; Spirit . xx
“Where’s your Christmas spirit?  Haven’t you got something better to do?”  Mark tried to ignore the grumbles as he slapped on the handcuffs and escorted the man to the car. Why did people think he had nothing more important to do? It was Christmas and he should be at home with his family; his children hanging up their stockings, leaving out a few mince pies, sharing a tipple with Becky as they waited for the children to go to sleep but were too excited to.
“Do you honestly think I’d rather be here than with my own family?” Mark’s anger spilled over.  The stench of stale alcohol and curry was filling the car. “I’m here with idiots like you and I wish I was at home with my family more than anything so please do me a favour and shut up!” 
He wasn’t making a difference at all.
“Mark, Mark? Are you ok?” Becky handed over a glass of wine.
“Ye-yes, erm I was somewhere else.”
“Where else would you be on Christmas Eve?”  He strugged and turned up the TV; something catching his eye- a news report of a drunk driver wiping out a whole family on the motorway. It was the man he had arrested, but how could he? He was here. He paled, walked outside for some fresh air.
“Think you don’t make a difference?” A man sat on the steps.
“Who are you?”
“Every now and then we show ourselves to those doubting their worth. That family were on their way home.  You made their journey safe by arresting that man.”
“But how can I? I’m here.”
“It was your wish to have Christmas Eve with your family.”
“But at what cost? That poor family.  You have to do something! It’s so unfair.”
“Unfair? You’re not the one sitting in the back of a police car handcuffed!” Mark smiled as he stared in the rear view mirror. Stale curry and beer never smelt so good.  
Thanks to Inky fingers herself, Ruth and Jar of Fireflies for hosting. xxxx


  1. Just like Clarence the angel...we all need to know we make a difference!

    1. I know. We were discussing working on Christmas and I recalled the many times over the year I heard 'don';t you have anything better to do' and thought you know what I do but someone has to do it. xxx

  2. Sometimes the sacrifices are worth it. As you say, someone has to do it, life can't grind to a halt because we want to spend Christmas with our families. This is a good reminder to be thankful for all those people have to work when everyone else is celebrating.