Thursday 7 June 2012

The Kreativ Blogger Award

I have just been tagged in the Kreativ Blogger Award by the wonderful Ruth Long Bullishink. Check out her writing blog which is thought provoking and fabulous!!! Anyway as with all tags, there are some rules which have to be followed as rules do. These ones are fairly straightforward to follow, just tricky to complete . . .

The Rules
1.     Thank and link back to the person who nominated you. (Easy peezy)
2.    Answer 10 questions. (Gulp)
3.    Share 10 random facts about yourself (Bigger gulp)
4.    Bestow the Kreativ Blogger award on 7 fab bloggers. (A gorgeous thing to do if they haven't already been awarded! But tricky in that there are loads more than 7 out there! please do not be offended if I have not chosen you.)
1.  What’s your favourite song?
·         Oh my gosh; see what I mean by ‘gulp’! How can you choose 1 song???? I shall try and narrow down a very long list of favourites into a top 5 in no particular order.
·         With or With You by U2
·         November Rain by Guns and Roses.
·         Don’t want to miss a Thing by Aerosmith (our wedding first dance song so it has to be in here somewhere).
·         Don’t Look back In Anger by Oasis
·         Train Spotting sound track - yes it’s an album, not a song but it is the best album and when I’m down, this never fails to cheer me up and I can’t select one.
1.  What’s your favourite dessert?
·         And again ‘oh my gosh!’ There are just sooooo many desserts out there. How is a girl to choose? So this dessert has to be special. It has to be orgasmic. It has to be creamy. It has to be sweet but not sickly sweet. And it has to be homemade . . . so I’m going for New York Cheesecake.  . . . I think!! And tomorrow, it’ll be something entirely different!  
2.  What ticks you off?
·         Being late! I hate being late anywhere and hate people being late. I get so agitated by it. I can’t help it. I get my knickers in a twist over it and wish I didn’t as at times there’s absolutely nothing you can do about it. 
3.  What do you do when you’re upset?
·         Depending on who has upset me I either cry or sulk with the odd bit of door banging thrown in. A good walk along the beach or in the forest usually blows it all away. J 
4.  Which is your favourite pet?
·         I only have one so this question is easy. Yay!! It is my bonkers cat Indi! 
5.  What do you prefer: black or white?
·         Black. I don’t own much white and my Hubby’s work shirts are white and a pain in the backside to iron so definitely black just on that alone. 
6.  What is your biggest fear?
·         I do a have a phobia which I shall keep to myself thank you. Too scared to talk about it.  However, I would like my family to be safe when they're out and about. x  
7.  What is your attitude mostly?
·         Positive. Things happen (or don’t happen) for a reason so you have to pick yourself up and try again with an even bigger smile. Don’t get bogged down with ‘stuff’ as it will make you miserable and being miserable is well, miserable.
8.  What is perfection?
·         Me, ha ha ha. Seriously. . . . . It’s spending time with people that I love dearly which I do every single day, at work and at home. And I'd have to say, a cat's purr is purrfection too. XXX 
9.  What is your guilty pleasure?
·         Peanut butter and chocolate spread eaten together with a teaspoon (from my American friend’s daughter). Yummy!
  10 Random facts
1.     I absolutely hate the spine on books being creased. My friends hate borrowing books from me because of this.
2.    I never have and can’t see that I ever will drink tea or coffee . . . Yuk!
3.    I have moved house 14 times since childhood. 
4.     When looking at all the flowers outside Kensington Palace after Diana’s death, I was interviewed by Sky News. I still have the video tape.   
5.     I was a vegetarian for 5 years. Then when I left school and was out and about working and socialising, it went right out the window as the choice for a veggie was nonexistent.
6.    I decided not to waste a long weekend off from work and buggered off to Edinburgh on me Jack Jones. It was awesome! The B&B treated me like a long lost daughter feeding me up with an extra special brekkie. I met people on the Ghost Tour and shared a few beers with them and had my first Haggis! Yummy. Would love to go back with Hubby as it is the most beautiful place. 
7.    I ate six Creme Eggs one after the other. But I was pregnant and just couldn’t get enough chocolate. Needless to say, I didn’t eat Creme Eggs for a few years after.
8.    I am a Royalist.
9.    I love any excuse to wear head boppers.
10.  I only wear makeup when on a special night out. The rest of the time, it’s just me and that’s how I like it.
Now to nominate 7 special writers/bloggers and who may have already been nominated by a previous blogger/writer; I don’t know but can only apologise. But then again, why shouldn’t you have 2! And if you haven’t been nominated, it’s about time. xxxx
My Magnificent 7 are:
·         Donna at
·         Stephanie at
·         Lisa at
·         Sandra at
·         Melanie at   http://thelifeandtimesofawannabewriter.blogspot.
·         Jess Sturman at
·         Claire at

Thank you for the award Ruth Bullish. I shall try and live up to it by posting weekly on 5 Sentence Fiction and by getting back to blogging! xxx


  1. Ahhhh so awesome and such a lovely post too! Ha ha you make me laugh I can almost hear you talking when you write! Loved reading more about you and thanks sooooooooooo much for the nomination! :-D Please let me know if I have to do anything coz I get well confused over these things! It's not difficult to confuse me! :-D xxx

    1. Well 1: I'm very surprised you commented first. I have a mad American friend who always comments first and I think she will be miffed to be second . .or third . . if she doesn't hurry up. I've had this since mid May and it's taken me soooo long to get together and then what with cakes and Jubilee, it's been tricky to fit in.
      If you have time, you can do the blog yourself so we know more about you and you can nominate too. Failing that, just post the badge loud and proud on your page with all your other blingy bits so everyone knows how fabulously fantastic you are!!! xxxx

  2. Thanks so much, Lizzie! I'm busy at the CMA Music Fest in Nashville and have a week's worth of blogs already scheduled so I'll pick this up later next week. ;-)

    1. No rush; I've been hanging on to this for the best part of a month! Sounds so cool - Music Fest in Nashville. Hope you're having an awesome time! x

  3. Ha ha, I've never had tea or coffee either, I adore hot chocolate with cream and a Flake though! And Edinburgh has to be the most beautiful city...we took the kids there on their first flight and a mystery day out..crazy, but so much fun!

    1. Wow! I actually know someone else who doesn't drink tea and coffee!!! Yay!!!! I'd love to fo back to Edingburgh and this time with someone!!Thank you for reading chicken. xxxx

  4. Love that the 'one song' got you all fired up too!! I couldn't choose just one to save my life!! Love the No White, kitty's purr is purrrrfection and no bent book spines!! So much fun to learn more about each other through this award!!

    Inky Hugs!!

    1. Just 1 song???? Impossible!!! Who ever decied on one song in the first place either doesn't care for music or just likes to play with our heads!!!I love the 'Inky Hugs' too!!! Thank you for reading; it is indeed an excellent way to find out about each other. xxx

  5. Here I am!!!! And behind all these other comments....not good. Anyway, I.....LOVE....THIS!!!! I already knew some of the random facts which makes me think that I know you very well. Thanks for the special mention to my daughter and the special mention about me not replying fast enough but I do have a good excuse as I am rather busy with visitors and laughing and eating. Congrats for getting the Kreativ Blogger award, it really is well deserved!!! Now I do hope that you are now very busy doing a certain cake for a certain someone. But I am awaiting your next blog....perhaps after this weekend is over. xxxx

    1. Yay!!!! I know you're busy . . but really? . . you could only manage fifth!! Jokes! I'm glad you knew some of my little facts. . you are one of my closest friends after all . . who doesn't borrow my books lol.
      I have been busy creating a very special cake for a very special someone. . . . tomorrow is the decorating stage after baking and designing and prepping.. . . sooo excited! Thank you for getting around (finally) to reading. I love my little guilty pleasure. . . .thanks to you telling me what your daughter does! xxx

  6. Thank you for the nomination! I also do not like tea! Yuck! I'm more of a diet pepsi woman! Ha ha!
    I also love that you did not choose just one song. I am such a huge music buff that it is incredibly hard to narrow it down to just one. Fantastic song choices!!

    1. I'm a diet pepsi person too; well Pepsi Max is my ultimate favourite drink!! Love it!!! And someone else who doesn't drink tea! Yay! Thank you for liking my song choices. . it was hard choosing one; well impossible actually! So many emotions attached to songs and the memories they evoke are so powerful. One song! Pah!!Thank you for reading. xxx

  7. Well done for the award I already knew lots of those random facts and am a mad friend that will still borrow books from you, by I do pass on books to you too! I know your phobia and can still picture the one nestled hiding on that shelf at work! I also know about your hate of being late, oh well never mind theres never too much to get your knickers in a twist about being late for, I do havwe good intentions honestly in my world I am always on time it just always seems to be an hour behind what everyone else thinks is on time!

    1. Now I understand why you're late. Well from now on, when we're meeting up, We'll tell you the meeting time is an hour earlier then you'll be on time! And you are a very brave and mad friend who does borrow books from me. . well done on returning as you found them. xxxx

  8. The train spotting soundtrack will always remind me of long summer days hanging out with friends... love it. And I ate chocolate every day when pregnant. Essential I'd say.

    However, we must never, ever swap books, lol. Mine are all wrinkly from the bath. Having said that, I can't bear people who mark pages by folding them. WHAT IS THAT ABOUT?

    1. I know. . get a book mark! Even scrap paper will do! Books in the bath are my worst nightmare lol. Magazines are fine though. Train spotting is the ultimate summer soundtrack! xxx