Friday 15 June 2012

The Return of The Magnificent Seven

You may remember that some time ago I blogged about the monthly quiz night and the battle for last place in the   Battle of the Pickled Onion Monster Munch . . . you get a prize for being last and without that, we’d never get a chance of a prize! And as important as ‘winning’ a prize is, we never ‘aim’ to lose! It just happens because. .  .well we’re crap and loud. Any answers we do know, we’re so eager to say and share and surprised that we do actually know that we shout it.

Well this blog is going to revisit the pub quiz as we went along last night. Since last time, our team has grown by one bringing our total to seven. However the maximum number of people on a team is six. But the quiz people let us have the extra one because that’s how dire we actually are. If we had a team of ten, we’d still lose such is our pub quiz skill at answering questions correctly.
We called ourselves The Magnificent Seven because we have such high expectations of our success and going by the film that’s slim as only three survive their battle and still their chances were greater than ours! We now also bring our own nibbles to accompany the ones supplied. We feel this will aid to our success even though month after month, we are last. But we don’t mind as we do like our prize of Monster Munch. And it is all rather civilised. Although at times, the nibbles do occupy our conversation and minds when we should be concentrating on the questions!
It started off promisingly; a round on general knowledge, a round on Sherlock Holmes (the TV show helped here somewhat!), anagrams of TV shows and cryptic clues to find the band name. A round on famous ‘Smiths’ was ok and then a geography round on rivers which was dreadful! By this time we still had played our joker which doubles your score for that round. So we had either the last round which was general knowledge or the penultimate round called ‘Losers’. Well, seeing as we are always losers at the quiz, we decided we just had to play the joker here!  The last round is rubbish anyway with 1 point for a correct answer but minus 2 for a wrong or missed answer! Which would be disastrous!

All in all, the quiz rounds weren’t too bad but we always think we’re excellent and we always come last! Well, they began in reverse order, as usual. We waited for our last place and the Monster Munch only for our name not to be called. We were sad and made little comments about wanting our crisps! Then came the next team and we were ready. . . But it wasn’t us! Had they miscounted? This was unknown territory. Then the next team and it still wasn’t us! Out of seven teams, we started to get excited! Then she said ‘joint third’ which meant we were in the running for a prize! Well, we just could not believe it!  I was beside myself! The crisps are good! But a prize of cash is better! And she said our name! Yay! We won the grand sum of £3.00!! Double Yay! And because we’re awesome, we gave it all to the team member who is doing the Race for Life. So wins all round.
We just could not believe our success. Obviously nor did anyone else and when I told  Hubby the following morning (he was sleeping when I got home due to early start so I had to suppress my excitement which is extremely hard!) these are the texts I got back (as he was now at work when I got up). We are ships that pass in the night but that's another blog for another day . . . maybe. x
§  Did all the other teams give up and die?  (No they did not!) 

§  Did they take the teams back to their special hospital? (That's just mean. They were highly intelligent!)

§  I don’t believe it. I think all the other teams were shit faced. (well, it is a pub quiz so it is a possibility, but they weren't as they take these quizzes far too seriously!)

§  Maybe, as I can’t prove it, the other teams just did not turn up at all. (That is the meanest! 7 teams turned up and we had to share our winnings!) 

§  And if you were the only team, you’d still come second. (Ooh, OUCH! )
 Isn't it lovely to get such a warm response from your own Hubby? But my friends were the same as their Hubby's cast doubts to our success. 
Oh well . .  we know we were awesome and for one night only, we were genius at team work and answering the questions. Maybe it was the Birthday Cake? Or the Revels? Who knows! But next month, it's all to play for and maybe the Hubby's should get a team together and then I wouldn't mind losing the Monster Munch.


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Love Lizzie Loodles xxx


  1. Excellent!!!!! It has made me laugh all over again. And still don't believe it. We actually won some money. But....I was actually disappointed about not losing. I seriously was considering not going anymore. I was sad. But....after reading this I would miss the quiz night if I never went again. It is so much fun and every week is different. Never know what to expect I guess as Tuesday has shown us. So yeah bring on the next quiz....we might even win!!! I think the other teams are starting to be very afraid....:-)

    1. I think you have nothing to worry about or those other teams! Those crisps will be ours as I think our win was a one off . . it won't last and we'll come back to earth with a bump and highly embarrassed! xxx

  2. Very true. I wouldn't mind a pack of sweets instead though.

  3. It's not the winning, it's the taking part ;-) , or so they tell me. Which is why I never do the pub quiz, no matter what snack is on offer. Well done, though, it sounds like you had a great night x.

    1. It was a great night and just so unbelievable that we came in third when we're always propping everyone up! Our expectations were surpassed ;-). Thank you for reading Lesley and for visitng. xxxxx