Sunday, 27 April 2014

#HorrorBites Carriage Three

The train arrived on platform five. But despite the overcrowding, coach three remained empty.
   “What’s the deal with that empty coach?” Ryan asked.
   “People disappear.” Ben replied.
   “You believe that?”
   “It’s not a case of believing, it’s just not worth disproving. I mean what if it’s true?”
    “There’s only one way to find out.” The train stopped and Ryan made his way to carriage three, ignoring the pleas of Ben and commuters. He opened the door, peered around the carriage and stepped in, walking along the carriage before slumping into a seat. He laughed and waved at the worried faces staring back at him as they crammed into the rest of the train.
   The train reached it’s destination and passengers disembarked, congregating around coach three.
   “Why doesn’t he get off?” Ben asked.
   “He can’t,” the driver replied. “He belongs to carriage three now.”
   “That’s where you’re wrong,” Ryan bragged. “I’m right here,” he said, grabbing Ben’s blazer. But his hand swiped right through him.
    “What happens now?” Ben asked.
    “By the time the train pulls out, he’ll be gone.”
    “No! I’m here!” Ryan screamed, reaching out to Ben but passing right through him.

Ben watched in silence as Ryan hammered on the train doors, screaming for escape. Tears streamed down his pale face, now contorted with fear as the carriage lights dimmed before plunging the coach into black.
    The lights flickered on. Ryan saw carriage three full of people.
    “You need to get on,” a girl said, standing next to him on the platform. “You need to take your seat.” Ryan looked upon her, confused. “You’re dead Ryan. We’re all dead in carriage three and it’s our job to ride for eternity.”
    “See,” the driver said to Ben. “All gone.”




  1. Yes spooky and strange but I was expecting worse so I am pleasingly surprised by the content. So next year when we travel to the O2 we better steer clear of carriage 3 on the Uckfield Express.

    1. Ha ha, so true and I bet you remember to avoid carriage 3 too! xx

  2. A great story! Very creepy, and a nice twist!

  3. Thank you, I find the gore much easier. x

  4. Remind me to never ride on anything named carriage 3. Should be easy here, since the only train is light rail, and there's only 2 cars per train. :)

    1. So you'll be OK which is good news! :-) x

  5. Brilliantly crafted! Well done! You are an amazing story teller, i must say!

    1. Wow! Thank you very much for that wonderful complement. x

  6. I am NEVER getting on Coach 3 again!