Thursday 24 April 2014

MWBB In The Dark

The Easter Ball was in full swing when the guests were plunged into darkness.  Those brave enough, stayed on the dance floor as the band slowed down but the majority pooled around the bar where a couple of candles staved off the darkness, as far as knowing what the revellers were drinking. Ellie swayed to the music, enjoying the feel and the space, the freedom darkness brought. 
 She thought she was alone until a hand skimmed down her bare arm. She felt warm breath on her face as an arm wrapped around her waist, pulling her in tight, feeling his athletic body against hers. His hand reached for hers; smooth, gentle but firm, clasping Ellie’s as he lead her across the dance floor without protest or question.
    No words were uttered. Even the band seemed to disappear as Ellie sank into the arms of the stranger.  His stubble brushed against her cheek as a finger trailed down her bare back. Shivers of excitement travelled through her body, giving her goosebumps.
   “What’s your name?” Ellie whispered.
    “Shhh,” came the reply as a finger pressed against her lips. Under the blanket of darkness, he stopped whirling her around. They both stood silently, motionless before he cupped Ellie's face in his hands. Her beating heart was the only sound as his lips grazed hers, a barely there touch before caressing her neck. She pressed her hands against his chest, feeling the definition under the silk shirt, moving up to his broad shoulders. Her fingers combed through his thick, soft hair, wondering what colour it was, wondering how he sounded, the colour of his eyes.  
    Darkness brought intimacy in a room filled with people, took away inhibitions and made Ellie feel she was the only woman in the world. Usually, Ellie was the last to be invited to dance, people feeling awkward around her but the darkness put Ellie on the same level. She wished, whilst her stranger held her, the lights would blaze and people would see her, Ellie with this tall, handsome man, hoping he would gaze down upon her with just as much affection as he had shown in darkness.
     “I must go, thanks for the dance,” he said in a deep, brooding voice that Ellie had already imagined.
     “But, I don’t know your name.”
     “You don’t need a name,” he replied, crushing his lips on hers as his arms enveloped her. “I’ll see you soon,” he said.
    “You’ll know it’s me,” he replied. Ellie stood alone. She heard footsteps and chatter around her. Her heart felt heavy. He’d seen her in the cold, naked light and left her.
   “Oh my God! Who was that you were snogging?” Marie’s voice shrilled.
    “You saw?” Ellie asked.
     “Everyone saw! Everyone! He’s the hottest guy here!”
     “You mean he stayed when the lights went up?” Ellie asked.
      “Of course he did! What, you thought he’d take one look at you and run a mile?” Ellie shrugged. “Oh Ellie! When will you learn! You’re blind! Not a monster! He liked you for you not because you can’t see.”
      “Hey,” the deep, brooding voice said, “I noticed you needed a drink before the power cut.” He handed Ellie a flute of champagne, guiding it into her hand.
      “You did?” He reached up her spare hand, pressing it to his face.
       “You have a lovely smile,” Ellie said.
        “So do you Ellie, so do you,”



  1. Wonderful!!! Such a terrific take on the prompt!!! Two thumbs UP!! :)

  2. A perfect love story!!!! Made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Now I can go to sleep with that on my mind lol.

    1. I love warm and fuzzy!! That's exactly what I wanted you to feel. I knew you'd love this one and write a cute comment. xxx

  3. Replies
    1. Hee, hee. It was a twist for me too . . . I was going to make him a vamp!! xx