Sunday, 17 June 2012

Yummy Mummy Meme

Yummy Mummy Meme

The closest to a Yummy Mummy I’ve got is

A: reading about them in Chick Lit; fictional characters with the perfect wardrobe, accessories and house in West London.
B: seeing them peruse the fashion floor in the Corner Shop, Knightsbridge, SW1.

But I’ve had a go in completing this meme and if nothing else, I’ve realised I need to update the old makeup bag and now want to get my nails done!
Anyway, back to business. . . .         

One of my gorgeous Twitter peeps and fab blogger  Karen from 365pearlsofwisdom has tagged me in this meme that was originally started by busybee As with all memes there are some rules which isn’t as bad as you may think!

1.     When answering the questions, give as much detail as possible. It’s all about the finer details people!

2.    Leave a comment here

3.    Tag three more peeps and link them to your blog.

4.    Tweet #yummymummy when sharing on twitter.

Deep breath. Here goes!
What is the first thing you do when you wake up?
Well this isn’t so bad. . . .
Usually feed the cat which is my alarm clock. I’ve never had such a vocal cat! If I’m too slow, he will proceed to nibble my fingers or toes which does the trick! I don’t mind at times when he meows for his breakfast as I do have to be up at 6 but when he does it earlier, he can jolly well jog on!
Do you Shower daily? Are you an Early Morning Shower type or Evening Bath type?
Yes and early morning shower type. Don’t do baths so much so that when new bathroom comes, bath is completely going to be replaced by gorgeous shower. Baths take up too much time and water.
Do you wear makeup daily?
Ha ha ha! Don’t make me laugh. Me? Makeup! I don’t even brush my hair on a daily basis! Of course I tend to become the glamour puss when on a night out but the day to day routine is face cream, moisturiser and body lotion. It all stems from those days of tipping out of bed at five in the morning for work in uniform where make up and jewellery were a big no no and who has time for that nonsense at that time of morning anyway?

What’s in your make up bag? 
Bad hair, makup and clotehs. 80s!
 No7 lip gloss, mascara, eye shadow and liquid eye liner. Also some rather cheap shocking pink nail varnish from an 80s weekend at Butlins!   

When you’re having a slummy mummy day, what do you normally wear?
I guess this is another way of saying looking like ‘Old Ned’ which I think I do on a daily basis! If I’m slobbing for the day then it’s generally joggers and a T with hoodie. Sounds chavy but it’s not (I can’t afford to be chavy); just Old Ned!

Nails- How often do you get them done?
I’ve never had my nails done professionally. Now pick yourselves up from the floor please.     

Your top tip for tired eyes.
Get more sleep! Do not rub them. I’m sure there are some lovely beautician things to buy and use but I don’t know what they are.

Are you a Starbucks or Costa Coffee kind of girl?
Neither. Do not drink coffee and never have; or tea for that matter. A Pepsi Max and I’m pukka.

How many children do you have and why?  
One son who is a teen now. Wanted more but never happened. But we’re happy as a three; son has friend for holiday and we all have our own space. He’s not an- only –child-spoilt-brat- but a well balanced popular, handsome young man who we are very proud. I would love to put a pic on but I don't think he'd appreciate it as it's uncool! . Xxx

Where is your favourite place to shop for baby/children clothes?
When son was a baby, I used to shop in Next but now I can’t afford to shop where teen likes to get his clothes from. He’s a Hollister, Superdry and Jack Wills fashionista and sorts himself out with pocket money and paper round. He’s very well dressed and a walking close horse!

Flats or heel for every day shoes

Flats, flats, flats!!! On feet all day! Walk to and from work. Has to be flats! And even then I sometimes ring up Hubby after a long day asking for a lift home! When I last wore heels to a wedding, I ended up changing into my trainers!   

From gorgeous heels. . . . .

 . . . . .To trainers!

Now it’s time to tag three lovely ladies who I hope are more girly than me and have time to be gorgeous because they are Yummy Mummy's).   Sam -Goddess -Thurley- it's in the name so I'm expecting great Yumminess! x  The Lovely Charlotte, my Twitter Twin!  The gorgeosly crafty Zena-Marie
I look forward to your tales of trying to achieve Yummy Mummy status if you're not there already. xxxx 


  1. We are all yummy mummys because we still love to have fun and laugh and be silly and embarrass our children. That's my theory anyway. Although as I am not a blogger then I might not be able to be part of this yummy mummy thing but oh well. lol Good job Mrs. K.!!!

    1. You are a Yummy Mummy!!!! You don't need a blog to be one chick. xxx This one can be dedicated to you! xxx