Monday 25 May 2015

The Adventures of Katie Button by Me, Lizzie Koch, is happening!!!!

Back in Feb 2012, I started my blog. I didn’t know what I was getting into when I first wrote about a disastrous journey home. All I knew was, I wanted to write. Then, quite by accident, I stumbled upon Five Sentence Fiction and thought I’d have a stab at it. 

The reaction from the community of writers to my piece inspired me to write more. Friendships blossomed too. I loved this new world of flash fiction!!

In November, 2012, a few writers were taking part in NaNoWriMo so I investigated and thought I’d take part. National Novel Writing Month is a challenge for 50,000 words in 30 days. And, The Adventures of Katie Button was born.

Now, I’m preparing to share Katie Button with you all . . .  in less than 3 weeks,  thanks to my publisher, Crooked Cat Publishing . Exciting times!! But a little nervous.

The launch date is Friday June 12th and I’m having a little online launch party (on facebook) of which so many of you have said you’ll come!! Yay!! Some of you have asked 'what the heck is an online launch party?' Well, it’s a place where you can drop in throughout the day to share and enjoy the launch of my book, leave comments and eat virtual cake! And of course, purchase, read it, and let me know what you think!

With that in mind, I thought it about time I share the blurb with you.
Thank you, all for your support. And I look forward ( I think) to your reviews . . .

The Adventures of Katie Button by Lizzie Koch

What it's about in a nutshell . . .

What happens when your dreams collide with reality?

Katie Button doesn’t believe in soulmates. When charismatic Jack Masterson asks her out on a date, despite him being her new boss alongside his more aloof brother, James, she agrees.

But her romantic dreams about a dashing highwayman, heroic gladiator and Tudor Lord are becoming more frequent. And, more worryingly, they feel real. She remembers every detail, every touch, every kiss. Until she realises the man in her dreams is James.

But Katie doesn’t even like James. And what about Jack, who is whisking her away for sexy mini breaks in the here and now?

Katie knows she needs to put an end to her dreams before they ruin her life.

But how?

Available June 12th



  1. oh yikes!!! Sensory overload!!! Too many good things happening, a fab blurb!! It's all coming back to me now, after months of reading snippets of Katie Button in bits and pieces, now it's all come together in one exciting read!!! Woop!! Woop!!!

    1. Yay!!!! Can't wait for you read it in its full glory . . . Thank you so much for all your help and letting me run things past you. xxxx

    2. You're welcome chick. Very proud of you! I may be able to give you another tag line in the

    3. Oh, yes!!! And thank you!! It's been a long time coming! I couldn't have done it without you! xxx

  2. So proud and happy for you! Can't wait for Katie Button to get out there with her adventures! Huge congrats and big hugs!

    1. Couldn't have done it without you either, Lisa. Thank you so much for your help, making Katie Button a reality! Hugs back. Proud of our little writing foursome. xxxx