Sunday, 10 June 2012

50th Birthday Party . . . Part 1.

It’s been hard work, these past two days. I was asked by my Mad American Friend to make her birthday cake. Now I’ve made birthday cakes before but this one was different.

1.     It’s for her 50th birthday. (Just a bit spesh)

2.    It is going to be on show for all friends and family to see.

3.    The colour theme for party is pink and purple.

4.    She’s one of my bestest and closest friends who I laugh loads with and love lots so I did not want to let her down!


Not half! The baking of the chocolate cake was easy; a tried and tested recipe that everyone loves. Then came the design. Now I have spent many a night thinking about how to decorate it, then changing my mind, then deciding something and so on. Ideas seem much better in the peacefulness of the night where is in the cold light of day, they’re, well. Pants! I knew it was to be pink and purple so I bought up all the pink and purple icing in the little cake decorating shop (they only had one pack of purple) and purple wires. Awesome but still no design. I was momentarily sidetracked by making cupcakes for my sister’s birthday which was nice. But then I was back to the design. Of course, I have known about this party/event for months and have been thinking about it off and on for that time. However, between you and me, I did forget a few times and didn’t realise how close it was. And then with 2 bank holidays, I realised time was extremely short and nonexistent for ordering anything on line to wear or for any last minute cake bits.  And still no design.

Finally, after a few anxious moments, it came to me; so simple, so obvious! Stars and Stripes! Why didn’t I think if that before? Once the plan had formed in my mind I set to work, hoping I would have enough purple icing (and knowing deep down, I wouldn’t). The cake tasted gorgeous! I know this because on levelling the two pieces, I had to cut off the tops and of course it gave the opportunity to taste; moist and chocolaty.

It was taking shape nicely and then it happened. Not enough purple. A few frantic texts went flying to Hubby, Sis and friends to take me to cake shop to buy icing. Whilst I waited for someone to reply, I phoned said cake shop and they didn’t have any in!!! She must have heard my desperate (or pitiful) sigh as she then suggested colouring paste! Yay! Now for someone to text back. And they did. So off we went and I got my paste!

It worked! Cake decorating continued and at half nine that night, I finished! I was so relieved, yet quite pleased with the overall finish. Now would the Mad American like?

And you now understand why Hubby imploded

Work in progress; love the mess!
Hubby saw it and his first words were ‘It’s mad. Its’ bonkers. Like her. She’ll like it.’ His second, more frequent used words were ‘Now tidy up this kitchen!’ or words to that effect!  

Transporting the cake to the venue today was stressful. Hubby had to drive very slowly and carefully like we were part of a funeral procession, not preparing for a party. My nerves were taking over. I had butterflies. What if she didn’t like it?????

I needed have worried! She loved it and for once was lost for words! She wasn’t expecting it but loved what she saw! And after a few photos with cake, we set about decorating the hall ready for the party tonight.
She likes it!

If it was only that simple. An outfit for this shindig was tricky. The dress I ordered on line looked awful; showing every lump and bump and clung to me like a limpet on a rock in a storm. Not good. So sis and I were off to shop again (last week we found nothing. But the optimism we had for this week was strangely high).

However, Sis brought round some tops for me to try. There was one I really, really, really liked but it was a 14 and even after losing two stone, I wondered . . .  and it fit beautifully! Another Yay and then she gave me a pair of black jeans. Sorted! And at the shops, we found her an outfit too. So we are very excited about tonight now.

So as I sit with hair dye on, typing this up, I can finally relax; the Mad American loves her cake and we all have something pink and purple to wear. And if the hair dye goes wrong, I may have the added bonus of pink or purple hair too.

All that remains for part one of this blog is to wish my gorgeous, mad friend a very happy Birthday Party celebration with her friends and family surrounding her.

Here it is!
And you can eat as much yummy cake as you like. Xxx 

PS My Mad American friend is turning into the Queen! Her birthday celebration is tonight yet her birthday isn’t until the end of the month . . . still only getting one pressie Missy. Love you!!  xxxx
Happy not yet 50th Birthday!


  1. This is the best!!!! is superb!!! I can't believe what mess you get into making the cake!! lol You are so wonderful honey. The cake is indescribable for the right words to rave about it. Everyone loved the taste, I loved the way it tasted and especially loved the stars and stripes and the purple wires!!! And the added extras of the little balls and stars and everything!!! I love you Koch. You are so good to me. Awesome talented friend of mine!!!

    1. Aw, that's so sweet chick. I'm just so pleased you had the best time and loved it; just for you. xxx

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