Tuesday 23 June 2015

Horror Bites #19

I have neglected my flash fiction recently, so it has felt rather good dipping a toe back into the water and writing for #HorrorBites. This week isn't gruesome. Just a bit dark and strange.

I stood in front of the old water tower. My first day out of prison and I came here. It looked like a family home, obviously oblivious to what happened fifteen years ago . . .

Bunking off school seemed a good idea. Daring each other to go into the condemned water tower was not. We larked about, prodded a few dead pigeons before venturing up the stone stairs, passing a tattered prom dress. Nancy wore one just like it, before she went missing. I shivered. We reached the attic.

Crouching in the far corner was Billy. We all thought he’d left town months ago but it appeared he was living in the tower. His feral stare chilled my bones. Dried blood caked his pale face. A flesh stripped bone fell from his grasp.

He hissed, crouching on all fours. His leap towards us was a surprise. I fell down, my hands pushing him away. He snarled, his spit mixed with blood showering my face. I shouted for help, unable to hold him back.With a sickening thud and a crack, Joe swiped Billy with a plank. Sounding like a wounded animal, Billy yelped as he rolled across the floor.

I took the split plank, ready for Billy. He pounced again and I thrust the pointed end into his gut. He fell, writhing and gurgling. I watched until the blood stopped oozing from his gaping wound, as he lay motionless. I didn’t know what I killed that day. But I served my time and now I stood at the water tower.

The door opened and I watched a young family walk out. The dad locked the door and turned. Billy? It couldn’t be. I killed him, watched him bleed out. He stared back then smiled. He hadn’t aged at all.
What was he?


Written for Horror Bites #19, hosted by Laura Jamez over at Office Mango