Thursday 25 June 2015

This is a Requirement #ThursThreads

A live in job, use of cars and two days off a week. Just at the right time for Amber who, after a breakup, had spent the past three weeks on her friend’s sofa. With a decent wage, Amber would be back on her feet in no time.

Those thoughts ran through her head as she waited for a car to meet her, encased in darkness, vulnerability creeping through her.

A long, black car pulled up and a door swung open, revealing little light.

Ignoring the voices in her head, Amber climbed in. Sinking into a plush red seat opposite her host, she stared into pale, curious coloured eyes beneath unruly dark strands, as his full lips curled slightly. He held out what looked like a silk black handkerchief between long, slim fingers.  

“This is a requirement,” he said in a velvet voice, leaning forward. “My home is my sanctuary. I’m a very private person.” Delicately, his hands wound round her head,  fingers entwined in her hair as he tightened the eye mask.

Tingles of anticipation ran through her. She inhaled his masculine scent. Her heart beat faster as his hand straightened the mask, lingering a moment too long, then grazing her cheek before settling back in his seat. Her remaining senses were now heightened; she could feel the heat emanate from him, sensing his eyes caressing every inch of her.

“You don’t need to worry, Amber. By the time our journey has finished, you’ll know everything about me.”


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