Saturday 20 June 2015

Week #1 on Being a Published Author

Follow that bus! Via Photofunia app

 A week ago yesterday, my debut novel was released by my publisher, Crooked Cat (I still squeal inside saying that). Since then, the week has been A-ma- zing as Craig Revel Horwood would say. And I think Katie Button is becoming a success and here's why . . .

Blink and you'll miss it. #90 ranking
The Adventures of Katie Button is holding its own in the Amazon Kindle charts and as a romance/chick-lit it’s she’s in a tough but very popular category which makes its her progress even more amazing. At one point, a very small point, a blink and you’ll miss it point, Katie Button made #90 in the top 100 in the Literary humour category. (Yes, I did capture that moment!)

Viv and Ralf of Gogglebox fame
I am still, after a week, totally overwhelmed by the sheer volume of praise, comments and shares Katie Button has received. I’ve even had a celebrity tweet one of my tweets! Well, if you’re British and watch Gogglebox then you may be familiar with Viv and Ralf who share the sofa with their daughter Eve and Silent Jay (who sadly, doesn’t take part anymore- did he really take part if he was silent?). I digress. They tweeted my tweet!! That was just too exciting! I think they love Adam Ant. But if it works . . .

The reviews are trickling in and they’re worth the wait. There’s even a review on Amazon US where the lovely person reviewing hasn’t even finished the book yet but felt it deserved an immediate review; a fantastic review at that.

A few of the quotes from reviews on Amazon UK

Notting Hill ad via Photofunia
I’ve been lucky enough to feature on blogs in the run up and during this first manic week. I love talking about Katie Button and the inspiration for her. It’s also meant a fair bit of shares to various social media links. I seem to be spending a fair bit of time finding new ways to get Katie Button out there. My favourite at the moment is a photo app called Photofunia where you can upload your photo to some fun backgrounds. I love the London ones which is the setting for Katie Button. They seem to generate a bit of interest. And because of this, I post more. Sometimes, it feels like I’m spamming. Where is the line between spamming and posting about your work? I can’t help it. I think I’m addicted to those Amazon rankings! Which is awful because it changes so quickly; dropping like a stone one minute then rising like a phoenix the next. But in posting so much, I have met new people, and my social media is growing, and people are reading Katie Button! People are choosing to spend their pennies reading a book I wrote. I'm blown away by this and actually can't quite believe it.

Oh, and there's a real Katie Button out there! A friend stumbled across her on Instagram. She's a chef in America. Which is rather spooky seeing as Masterchef gets a mention in my novel . . .

People who are finishing the book are now asking for more. I know how they feel. When I finished writing it, I knew I wasn’t finished with the characters. There’s still more of their story to come. But right now, I’m just enjoying sharing their story, making the most of my novel being out there. It was my dream to be published and for people to enjoy Katie Button, and I want to relish every second, spamming or not. :-) xxx

Purple sweets along with gifts for launch and prize notebooks

 These lovely people have hosted me and the gorgeous, if slightly ditzy Katie Button. Visit their blogs to find out more as they're all extremely talented writers:
You'll find dragons, flowers and hot chocolate over on this blog and of course a few words with me.

My first visit to this blog where you'll find short stories and interviews on the chaise longue.

My first interview and there was plenty of cake and flying carpets!

This lovely lady hosted a give away to five lucky readers.

I made K R Smith's book of the month! Thank you! K R Smith is a fab writer that makes you think and scares the pants off you! x

And of course my gorgeous publisher who took a chance on me and Katie Button.

Here are all the important links to my novel, The Adventures of Katie Button

Amazon UK

Amazon US

Photofunia with my favourite pic; The Adventures of Katie Button

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