Thursday 27 June 2013

Thursday Threads #76 I need one Alive

Princess Lilliana slouched on her throne as another suitor strode confidently through the great hall that was her prison, swearing allegiance to her pompous father before declaring his undying love for her. But Lilliana was dreaming of escape not marriage; flying away on the back of a dragon, travelling on the winds to new lands feeling free and alive.        

“Princess Lilliana, I will travel the ends of the earth, bring you precious stones, catch you a falling star and even slaughter a thousand dragons in your honour, to show my love for you,” the prince declared. "They don't call me the Dragon Slayer for nothing."

“You could show more interest Lilliana,” her father said sternly. “He is risking everything for you, fulfilling his destiny  . . . . And yours.”    

“But I don’t want a falling star or need jewels or a slaughtered dragon! I need . . . I need . . .”

“What do you need Lilliana. Please tell me, I will give you everything you will ever want or need my love,” the prince stated as he clutched her small, soft hand. A wry smile crept across Lilliana’s face.

“A dragon,” she exclaimed.

“I will bring you the fiercest dragon to walk the earth. He will be dragged through the streets with my sword plunged though his heart.”

“No! I need one alive. You will do this for me.”  The startled prince nodded, all enthusiasm evaporated as Lilliana’s heart soared just like the wings of her dragon.


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  1. Poor Lilliana. Only a live dragon will make her satisfied!!! This story reminded me of year 2 and all their work on dragons last year. Very good honey!!!

    1. How cute. Love Year 2 and their cute dragons. Glad you liked chick. xxx

  2. OH, this is wonderful!! A princess who knows what she wants and it's not a handsome man or a fairy godmother!! :)

    1. Thanks Ruth! i love it when you visit, sprinkling Inky goodness!! Glad you liked. xxx

  3. That would be my wish too, and if he could do it, he'd be free to fly away with me! Love it!