Monday 24 June 2013

The Self Proclaimed Disney Princess Turns to the Dark Side

You can be forgiven for thinking this little piece is about the newest Disney Princess, Princess Leia, turning all dark and Darth Vader on us.  I’m sure Disney has big plans for Leia and hopefully the lush Han Solo, kicking some Storm Trooper plastic butt. Until then, there’s me; a person who can write about gore and darkness but watching it????? No way! Never! Not in a gazillion years!  

 I am a Princess when it comes to the TV choices I make (Glee, Smash, Dallas, Horrible Histories, and Eastenders etc).  I like my world of fluffy bunnies, whiter than white TV full of smiles and cutsie animation, singing and dancing.  It’s cute. It’s fun. It’s adorable with romance and gorgeous men. OK, so I admit I am as deep as a puddle.

But something strange has happened.  After leaving the room with mega amounts of moaning and door slamming like a grounded teenager when teenage son was watching his TV, I found myself accidentally watching one evening, with great interest, a conversation in a TV programme a Disney Princess would avoid like sex before marriage.
The character was Rick and he was talking with a gangster. There was more humanity shown in that clip than in a speech by Bono. And I was hooked. Yes, I am now an avid watcher of The Walking Dead! And I love it!!!! 

It is not just about zombies (‘Walkers’ as they are imaginatively called). It goes much deeper than that. The complex relationships and emotions are raw and real. I can imagine (if I survived that long which I doubt) that I would be having these real moments of worrying about your kid, having a shower, looking after those who can’t look after themselves. In most zombie films, humanity is lost in a blaze of gun-ho, macho one liners (maybe not ‘Shawn of The Dead’) Here, you can see the fight to keep hold of their humanity when all around is a crazy, death ridden and lawless society.

Even the zombie munching isn’t that gory. Yes, OK,  being disembowelled was slightly gross. But it wasn’t hiding behind the cushion stuff but then when you have Daryl firing off his awesome cross bow; it’s very hard to pull yourself away and hide behind a cushion.  And that’s where the nail biting truly comes in. I really, really do not want any of my favourite characters to become zombie fodder. 

I beg of you! Please keep Daryl!!!!      

I am rather sad that one has bitten the dust because every group needs an antagonist; every leader needs that one guy who keeps putting the boot in, undermining and picking away, sowing so many seeds of mistrust. I wonder now who will Rick have?

On the other hand, there are characters I would love to see become a Walker’s feast as their annoyance level is on the Jar Jar Binks scale (Lori)! So I shall just have to wait and see.

And being a Self Proclaimed Disney Princess, I have the patience to do so.

PS. I have only seen season 1 and 2 and am waiting for season 3 returning  . . . eeek this weekend I believe. xx


  1. He he, we can watch season three together! I've only seen one and two..and have been desperately waiting for Channel Five to bring us three. My daughter and I share a love of this show we do with Dallas too, lol!

    1. Yay!!! Love Dallas!!! Season 3 just around the corner and I've been warned is all I can say . . cushion at the ready! Thanks for reading chicken. xxx

  2. All I can say is can't wait for the next series of Dallas. But as for watching The Walking Not my thing. But glad you are into it Koch!!

    1. I'm rather surprised myself chicken. But Dallas is awesome and can't believe have to wait until next year for its return!!! xx