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The Dawn of Dark Star Creating A female Superhero Challenge

Drawing by Ethan Koch uploaded on Photobucket  

Name: Lizzie Koch
Word Count: 656
Anthology: Yes
Charity: Because I am A Girl
Name of female superhero:   Dark Star
Name of human alter ego:  Tiffany Saxon

Superhero appearance (hair, eyes, body type etc): Violet eyes, flowing dark hair with golden streaks that glow in the dark, slim build; waif-like, average height.      

Human alter ego appearance (if different): Dark hair tied back to hide glowing streaks, often wears a hat, on the short side at 5’3,  unnoticeable to others in her tatty jeans and t shirt; unemployed but  busks for money, playing her guitar. She takes to wearing different colour contacts to hide her violet eyes and her identity.  

Costume: Black cat suit made from Kevlar with a 4 point star on the chest, eye mask that frames her violet eyes. Chunky high heeled boots to give extra height.
Personality: As Dark Star, she is brave, energetic, unforgiving to those who do wrong. She is often silent, menacing and foreboding which makes her feared by those she encounters.  She is aggressive in her actions when in a confrontational situation. However, she does not avoid confrontation of villains; rather going hunting for it.

Brief Description of how superheroine gets powers:  Tiffany is working late at The Corporation; a new job after a short spell of unemployment.  Wondering around the building, unchallenged, she spies something glowing in a darkened room and takes a closer look. Mesmerised by its purity and beauty, she touches the glowing rock. Unable to let go, power surges through her as she absorbs the star’s energy causing her hair to glow, her eyes to burn through materials. She is in complete control of her power apart from the glowing hair.

Powers: Bright violet eyes that can burn through any material at will. Blonde streaks in her hair that glow. The ability to take someone’s soul/essence with a touch from her right hand when she wills it, speed and strength that grows with every soul she takes.

Anything important:  ‘Dark Star’ chosen as her superheroine name because she has bright streaks and eyes, like a star, but her heart is dark due to the murder of her parents by unknown persons. She finds she has the power to absorb people’s essence, absorbing their life which makes her always youthful and stronger. Dark Star tends to weigh up the crime, the person and takes justice as she sees it. Seen as a vigilante by the authorities, she is a wanted criminal, loved and loathed in equal measures by the public. She will not harm the innocent but trusts no one with her secret. Her life is just as solitary as a superheroine as it is as Tiffany Saxon. She took the star/rock which she has hidden in the abandoned house that once belonged to her parents’ which means she has created an enemy in The Corporation where she stole the star from as they search and try to capture/kill her, not knowing that as Tiffany Saxon she works for them.   

  The Dawn of Dark Star

The first thing Tiffany did when she awoke was look around her room and there it was; her costume lying creased on the floor. It hadn't been a dream. She really had given chase to an armed man as he fled the supermarket, with a hostage, to his waiting car after shooting three people dead. She really had run after the car, not stopping for a second to take a breath as her strides took her closer to the car. She really had fixated her stare onto the rear tyres of the car, melting them causing the car to momentarily lose control before the man, still dragging his hostage, and his driver bailed, running off in different directions. 

Deciding to go after the man from the supermarket, Dark Star ignored the angry car drivers caught in the traffic jam by the abandoned car.  But she couldn’t ignore the man as he fired his gun directly at her, hitting her with such force; she was catapulted backwards, sliding across the road on her back before laying still.

 A crowd gathered around her, staring down, not sure whether to phone for help, aid her or just stop and stare. There was no blood oozing from the tiny tare in her suit, causing bewilderment from the crowd.  After a few moments, Dark Star opened her eyes and dragged herself up, a little winded but otherwise unharmed and able to take up the chase. A smile spread across her face as she heard a solitary cheer from behind her before others joined in, spurring her on as she entered the abandoned factory.

 Another gunshot whizzed past her ear. But Dark Star, full of determination, marched forwards fuelled on adrenalin and the distant sound of the crowd cheering her on. She would not let them down.

“Stay back or I’ll kill him!” The gunman waved his gun carelessly as he dragged the man to his feet; blood pouring from his temple as he could barely stand. Without a word, Dark Star concentrated on the gun, her gaze unfaltering. Within seconds, the man dropped the hot gun, blisters forming on his skin. “What are you!” he spat as he backed away, still a hold around the neck of the semi conscious man. Beads of sweat formed on the gunman’s brow as he fumbled in his jacket and pulled out a knife. The point jabbed in the hostage’s neck; a warning for Dark Star to back away but she didn’t. 

  The knife was no match for her as she lunged for him, grabbing him by the neck. The hostage fell as Dark Star pinned the gunman to the wall. She didn’t let go as a new energy charged through her body, surging down to her toes and every finger tip. With a gasp, Dark Star’s grip released. The man withered, hollow eyes staring into eternal darkness.    

An ambulance crew came up as did armed police and Dark Star had no choice but to flee.

The morning news was full of stories of Dark Star, not all of them good, as Tiffany watched. As Dark Star she was now wanted by the police for murder. She knew something had happened to the gunman but hadn't meant it; her powers were still new to her. The public liked the idea that there was someone out there looking out for them and they protested against the police.

 The camera switched to the man in the hospital bed; the hostage. Although weak, his message was strong and clear; Dark Star was a heroine and saved his life. He would not rest until he thanked her personally, face to face; the girl with the violet eyes. Tiffany stared as she watched his bruised but still handsome face. She knew him, from The Corporation. 

 He was her boss.

 She wished it had all been a dream as that was much more preferable to the nightmare her life was becoming.   


Becky Fyfe over at Imagine, Create, Write has set this rather awesome challenge; creating a female super! I have quite a few favourite male ones but can't decide on a female one so maybe the female supers out there need to up their game and not play second fiddle to the guys! Anyway, I'm sure there are amazing superhero stories over at Becky's blog, so hop over for a read and see how super the girls can really be. . . . capes optional. xxx 


  1. I love it! I especially like the fact that she has so much to face, with having to control her powers, being wanted by the police and being hunted by the corporation. :) There is a lot here to make for a very intriguing female superhero!
    ~Becky Fyfe

    1. Thanks Becky. it was a tough challenge as hadn't written anything like it before. After the glutton of Superhero movies I have watched, I wanted one who was flawed as seemed more interesting like Batman. Glad you liked!!! :-)))

  2. Love it!!! Wow I just love her power of burning/melting things. I love her violet eyes. I love her name and her alter egos name. She isn't really bad, she is just silently helping people and saving them from the baddies out there. I am willing to see a bit of romance between her and her boss xoxoxo.

    1. I knew you'd be fixed on the romance factor chicken. . .I may do a second piece where romance may follow . . but then as a super, so will death. hee hee xxx

  3. Nice to have a wanted Superheroine! Those are some interesting powers too, keen to know more! And, yes, a great name, good stuff Lizzie!

    1. Thanks Lisa. I'm sure things will work out. . . . . xxx

  4. Wonderful name! I like the fact that she's struggling with her powers, and that not controlling them could have grave consequences. Interesting twist with the boss. Good job!

    1. Thank you! I don't think I could give her any more problems if I tried lol. Thanks for visiting and reading. x

  5. That was pretty cool. Very neat concept and yes, great consequences if she doesn't control her power. One could imagine with a little more control she'd be able to just weaken her opponent, rather than kill the man. Good read!

  6. Hopefully, Dark Star will have full control and do just that . . .thanks for reading. Glad you enjoyed the read. x