Wednesday 3 July 2013

Robbie Williams. Wembley Stadium. Saturday 29th June 2013.

Robbie Williams. Wembley. Sat June 29th 2013

Finally! After months of waiting, I was now standing in Wembley Stadium waiting for the gig of a lifetime . . . . . Robbie!!!! I had already seen him last year at the O2 but I was told that Wembley would be bigger, better, louder and just awesome. Of course with Olly Murs supporting, it was a double dose of boy power, pure pop and dazzling entertainment.

Olly’s set was just over half an hour where he mentioned Robbie Williams a gazillion times. Yes, we get it Olly. He is your idol and you’re now lucky enough to be on tour with the main man. The cheeky chappy did not disappoint with all his hits and some new ones. But the crowd went into a real frenzy every time he mentioned RW.  The crowd was 86,000 strong; a sell out and I’m sure Olly was lapping up every second and dreaming of headlining such a huge crowd one day. He loved it! And we loved him!

The noise was deafening. And when RW was first spotted, the crowd went into melt down. I had never heard anything like it. But then he zip wired down! The noise was impossibly loud, consuming every part of me as Robbie introduced himself as he always does “Robbie f*****g Williams!” at the top of his voice and then into Let Me Entertain You. Ever the show off, the entertainer, the sex symbol!

He's looking right at us!!!!!
Now let’s be honest. All Robbie has to do is turn up; showing bucketfuls of attitude, showing oodles of love for his fans and showing us that he is The One as he struts his stuff.  He doesn’t even have to sing really.  We did that for him on his anthems. When 86,000 are all singing together, it’s spine tingling. In fact, he asked us to sing him home. So while he buggered off either to a chauffeur driven car or private helicopter, we were all singing Angels at the top of our voices, everyone in time, showing just how much we love Robbie and his songs! It was absolutely electric. After two hours of Robbie with singing, shouting, screaming and crying (yes I eventually shed a tear during Angels when others around me had blubbed right from the beginning including Little Sis) it was time to leave with sore throats, goose bumps and a T- shirt! 

My first gig T- shirt!!!  
Yes please! 

The start of many now!

I didn’t want it to end!

I didn’t feel ready for it to end.

I could have sung and danced all night! I didn’t want to go home to a sleeping house when I had so much to share!!!    

But we had to get to the tube station. . . . .

The hour long walk from the Stadium to Wembley Park Tube (usually ten minutes) was brilliant. Everyone spontaneously burst into Rock DJ and Angels as we waited to be allowed into the station. It’s always like this so was to be expected and it is part of the night, making an hour's walk seem half the time and making it such fun! 

It was the best night ever and I would dearly pay to see Robbie perform again. He still has it; the X factor, the style, the charisma, the cheek and the love for his fans. He has the ability to hush and excite an audience with just a word. He is funny, cute, rude yet charming and he knows it. . . . which makes Robbie one of the best live acts to see. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!      

And then we got on public transport . . . . . . .for an epic 4 and half hour journey  which usually takes two. . . .but that’s another story which I shall leave for now as this is all about the wonder of Robbie!! xxx


The gorgeous Wembley arch looking down on the vast crowd


  1. You can forget about the terrible journey because the concert was worth it right? Fab blog honey!!! Can I just make a small comment? The date you went was actually Saturday June 29 not June 30 as my birthday is June 30 which was on Sunday. lol. Sorry had to point that out!!! I wouldn't mind seeing Robbie and The Boss together on stage. I would buy a ticket for that!!!

    1. Oops! Thanks for the date reminder. how could I forget your birthday date?? Robbie and The Boss??? That would be interesting!!! xx

  2. Brilliant blog for a brilliant night, I want to go again :)

  3. Sounds amazing! So glad you loved it! xxx

    1. It was amazing!! There are just not the words!! But I tried!! xx