Sunday 14 July 2013

5 Sentence Fiction Locked (Part 6 of my serial about Zoe Saxon)


With a charming smile and an ever tightening grip on Zoe’s arm, he escorted Zoe out from the safety of the buzzing bar, looking to everyone else like a couple out for the evening ; but the quiet of the night magnified her situation as a rear car door opened, making the expectation very clear but bleak.      

She sat, hands clamped on her bag, the lipstick occupying her thoughts as the man buckled up, expecting Zoe to do the same; taking the opportunity to snatch her bag.With a loud click, the luxurious car became her moving prison as he casually studied the lipstick, revealing its true intentions; a bemused expression sweeping across his smooth face before he turned a stern expression towards Zoe.

“I’m wondering, Miss Saxon, how you intended to get close enough to me to use this?” he mused as he held aloft the lipstick blade before tossing it out of the window, revealing  a thick blackness; no street lights, not even an inviting glowing warmth from a desolate farm house.

“Relax Miss Saxon, I’m not going to kill you . . . . .”,  Zoe waited for the ‘yet’ but she was visibly taken aback when he continued, “but I do need to tell you that trying to kill me is a mistake as I am one of the good guys . . . . . . which means dear Zoe . . . . . . you’re on the wrong side.”  

And there you have it ; part 6 using the prompt locked from Lillie Mcferrin's 5 Sentence Fiction where you will find many other fantastic stories from fab writers. 

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  1. Oh, no...and then what...?

  2. When I saw 'part 6', I thought, Great! I'll find out how this ends . . Really intriguing!

  3. Hmmm, now I must read 1 thru 5 before part 7 appears.

    1. Thank you for taking time to read each part. xx