Saturday 13 July 2013

What's In A Name?

Well a lot actually if you're Royalty. . . . 

I know, I know, another Royal baby blog! But as a Royalist and self proclaimed Disney Princess, I feel I need to throw my two bobs worth in and comment on this historical event.                

‘Historical event?’ I hear you cry. She’s not the first woman to give birth or the first Princess or Duchess for that matter! However, it is the first senior Royal birth in 30 odd years. It is also the first time that if a baby girl, she will automatically ascend to the throne even if she has a football team of younger brothers! All hail the new constitution that changes the stuffy, old fashioned and sexist law that women are pushed back in favour of sons! This is not Henry VIII’s Tudor court where Queens were beheaded because of the lack of son’s! And  let’s just remember the most famous monarch of all Henry’s children, if not in history, was his daughter, Elizabeth I! I’m hoping he was proud and not turning in his grave!

And I bet Princess Anne will be the first to congratulate the little bundle of pink; second child to the Queen, pushed to the back of the queue behind her two younger brothers and their kids! Shameful!

Then of course there are the names. Obviously, they will need to choose carefully. Can’t have any Cheryl’s, Kylie’s or Phoebe’s on the throne (I bet Posh Spice is secretly yearning for a girl and the possibility of a Princess Victoria). Princess Phoebe reminds me of Friends and people of a certain age will be reminded of Princess Consuela Bananahammock (which is actually in the urban dictionary!) so Phoebe is definitely out despite its obvious charms.

There is also the obvious choice of Diana; in Roman mythology meaning, heavenly or divine. She was the goddess of the hunt, the moon and birthing. But, despite its qualities, it is not a name that I can imagine will make certain members in the family jump for joy. I’m sure Camilla would choke on her G &T with that little reminder. (I was team Diana so apologies for any bias). But Diana is a family name and there’s no getting away from the fact that every time you see William, you see Diana. He is his mother’s son in more ways than one. Maybe a second, third, fourth or even fifth name is a possibility, after all it will only ever be mentioned twice; the christening and a royal wedding. (Excited at that prospect already!)

So you can see the reasons for calling this an historical birth other than the fact he or she will be born to the heir of the throne. And let’s not forget that in the event of a girl, Harper Seven Beckham will have a playmate who, later in life she can swap fashion tips with; making an exciting prospect for ‘heat’ magazine and celebville.

But all we know is the baby is due in July. That’s 31 days of conjecture, press packs, paparazzi, speculation and blogs (sorry). What we do know is that as with any Royal, the baby will come when he/she jolly well wants to and is good and ready!

In the event of a boy, that will mean three generations of King’s after well over half a century of the Queen who is still going strong! (Yay)                                             

But I wonder. With the birth of the new Royal and the heir to the throne secure and what with Prince Philip being ill lately, will Queen Elizabeth be thinking of handing over to the new generation and the A word? (Eek)

It is possible (in our wildest dreams!) but again, more speculation. It is after all a job for life and there’s plenty of life left in the Queen! (Yay!)

All that remains is to watch the media circus gather momentum and wish Kate and Will’s the best of luck as well as all the other pregnant ladies out there who are no doubt feeling more than uncomfortable with this heat wave we’re basking in. I hope all your bundles of joy are healthy little prince and princesses which is what every family wishes whether a boy or girl.

And Phoebe really is a cool name!  J     

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  1. I bet they are really pi**ed off that Zara has gotten pregnant at this time..

    Cool post Ms Lizzie..xx