Monday 17 September 2012

Men are not from Mars . . . . . They’re from B&Q!

Well, another weekend has passed us by in the blink of an eye. It was a lovely weekend what with Hubby off again (I’m getting spoilt as it’s the second weekend in a row and he’s off next weekend too! Woo hoo).

Hubby decided that he wanted to visit the DIY stores to have a nose at the bathrooms as in the next few months the 1970s pink bathroom will be no more! Hurrah!!!!  And how prepared he was with his measurements and springy tape measure.  Cute! Very impressed! But even more impressive was the fact that we both liked the same designs/colours/styles.  It was lovely mooching around together, discussing and planning. I even played silly buggers when Hubby went off for some quotes and I was hiding from him in the kitchen department. Has to be done. And I fell in love with the black SMEG larder fridge! Absolutely gorgeous.

And then it went downhill. We entered the world of power tools! Hubby’s face lit up like a kid at Christmas at the sight of all the drills and chain saws.  I couldn’t see it. Within an instant I was bored! A moment ago we were admiring the pretty lighting, shiny taps and floating toilets and then the next . . . . Drills! I don’t get it. And when he saw this humongous drill that looked like only Arnold Schwarzenegger could lift, I swear he began to dribble!
Arnold Schwarzenegger
I couldn’t even lift the darn thing off its display peg! Hubby made it look so easy and this is my theory as to why men do not suffer with bingo wings! The weight of this drill is ridiculous! How are you meant to actually use it! But men manage it and it really does give the arms a work out. I nearly dropped it when Hubby handed it to me. No wonder their arms are so toned!

Then we moved to the chain saws . . . eek! Should I be scared that Hubby gets a wicked glint in his eye? I know I am! And I’m just slightly concerned that the price of these toys is silly money!

And then he looks at the drill bits. And in all seriousness he turns to me and says “That’s a good looking set of drill bits isn’t it?” WTF! (excuse my french). As opposed to what?  A Chloe handbag?  A bar of Galaxy?  The shoe dept in New Look?  Heat magazine?

“Yeah, they’re lovely.”  I replied with a smile. But he knew. Could sense my complete lack of interest and how on earth would I know the difference from one drill bit to another?  What a dumb arse question.  I just want a lovely, sparkling new bathroom. How it gets here and put together is not my concern . . . .  Just as long as the little house fairies sprinkle enough fairy dust to do it right.  
Love me x

 Sorry been away for a few weeks. No reason really. Just enjoying life but nice to be back. xxx


  1. Glad you're back!! And I completely sympathize. My own hubby likes to go on and on about cars, and as much as I love him, I can't make myself pay attention. He starts talking and I immediately go zombie, withdrawing into my own head and leaving him with a dead eyed companion nodding randomly at his diatribe. My bad.

  2. Our first home had a yellow bathroom, bright yellow, suite and all, but renting meant no change and I had to live with it! Our current home had orangey/peach...ugh, so very glad when that went. Now it's lovely and white and sparkly (sometimes, when I clean...), and I can accessorise with any colour I want and change colour if I want! Love it! Hope you get yours soon!
    Great to have you back! :)

  3. So funny and right on the money! I too am wishing for a new bathroom. It must wait until next year though; I spent the money on having my eyes lasered (with Hubbies total consent). Loved it as usual Mrs! xxxx

  4. Welcome back! Super post.

    I so know what you mean about men and power tools. Mr B has a chain saw - beware stray bits of wood :-)

    I would never let him near the bathroom renovation, however. Oh no, I have a nice man doing it for us. Pop over to my blog to see the chandelier I have chosen!