Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Masquerade Day 29

A tongue in ceek look at Masquerade as time is short and I just can't think of anything creative to write. Sorry but enjoy this anyway. Last day tomorrow so will make the effort to finish on a high. x

 My post is slightly late today because I have been sucked into Celebrity Big Brother.  It is the definition of masquerade. The people in the ‘house’ are not who they seem and they forget that we are watching and can vote. However it is a game they all want to win. But there can only be one winner so the shenanigans start; flirting, back stabbing, allegiances. It’s all there and to be honest it is rather entertaining.

The biggest masquerade is that it is called ‘Celebrity' Big Brother when there is not one ‘celebrity’ in there.  



  1. Ha ha ha, very true! They masquerade as celebrities!

  2. I haven't watched any CBB, have I missed much? I think I've just had enough of a nobody pretending to be somebody. You are right, it is pure masquerade :-)

  3. I can't stand any of the Big Brother or CBB - I watched ten minutes of the first one and haven't watched it since. But from things I hear and read, pretty much everyone who enters the BB house is putting on an act of some kind. Clever take on the prompt. xx

  4. I've never seen CBB but my sis adores BB and loves to keep me up-to-date (against my protests) to the moment-by-moment goings on - and it's hard to know who is what at any given point!! Wonderful take on the prompt!!! :)

  5. Use to watch a lot of big brother before.
    Lov'in ur blog :D
    *New Follower*