Sunday 14 October 2012

3 Miles of Smiles, Chat and Tea

Surely it's worth sponsoering a quid just for wearing the wigs!
I’m not sure of the focus of this blog today as it has been a pretty awesome day for many reasons. (I'm also not too sure for a title for it either!)What started out as a fund raising event has turned into so much more and a blog seemed a fitting way to capture my thoughts of the day and those involved.

It started with a charity walk for Macmillan, a charity who cares for and supports those living with cancer. It was a walk of only 3 miles but it was the first time this event had taken place for this charity. But I’m sure not the last!

Kick off was 11am at a pub for registration and collection of our t shirts to wear on the walk. The sun was shining on this fabulous mid October morning and it was warm! Pretty good considering when I got up at 7 there was a frost covering the ground! The sea was a gorgeous blue and there was not a cloud in the sky; perfect for a coastal walk from Brighton Marina.
Not bad for Mid October!!! Brighton Marina Oct 14th 2012

14 of us took part in our group plus 2 dogs and a friend’s little girl. We chatted, took pics, laughed, met other people, chatted some more, drank tea, laughed some more and had a thoroughly good time whilst raising money.

On finishing the walk, we received a medal and a certificate as well as wearing big smiles for our sense of achievement. That smile has not disappeared. People’s generosity has seen to that.
We did it!!!!!

When I got home, I had discovered that Number 1 Son had cleaned the house from top to bottom; loaded and turned on the dishwasher, shiny kitchen and hoovered- the 8 legged beastie that has been under a book for the last 4 days has now gone.  Yay! Hubby will be pleased when he gets home from work and I’m beaming because I don’t have to do it! Thank you! I’m now cooking No 1 Son his favourite dinner! What a lovely home coming. Not that 3 miles tired me out, but I thought No 1 Son did this for me. . . . Sadly not . . . . . He wanted it nice and sparkly for his dad when he got home.  

Then, with only 3 quid to go from hitting our target, a school girl donated from her pocket money. It just blew me away.

And then, a very dear friend whom I have never met made a donation. I came across this person through blogging, well writing really and from then on she has become one of my greatest supporters when it comes to my work. It amazes me how you can create such strong friendships without actually having ever met; such is the power of the written word! And to think when I first saw 5 sentence fiction, I ummed and arred about entering. But glad I did with ‘Wicked’ as I have met some truly wonderful writers and friends.

And to top it off, our target of money raised for the charity walk has long been busted and it keeps rising!

I think doing the walk as a group has really helped; we all know the same people for a start which can make raising money tricky if doing it individually. There’s only so much to go round and being skint is part and parcel of life right now for many of us; which just makes the giving more amazing!!

So thank you to my fellow walkers who made today such fun! Thank you to all the people who have sponsored us. Thank you to all those who have pledged to sponsor us on payday. Thank you to No 1 son for cleaning!! And thank you Macmillan Nurses for doing what you do. You’re amazing!

Love Me. xx
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  1. A wonderful blog Honey, it has brought a tear to my eyes. I've had a wonderful day, so glad to have shared it with such lovely people xxxx

    1. Aww, you big softy!! It was rather a special day and glad to have been involved with you guys. xxxx

  2. Well done, and the weather looked amazing down there...just right for the walk!

    1. Thankd Lisa. it was a gorgeous day! What is going on with this weather! But shouldn't complain. Just glad it didn't rain as forecast! xxx

  3. What a great way to spread the word about Macmillan and share with others. We support Macmillan, Mom had a lovely Macmillan nurse when she was ill x.

    1. They are fantastic. I thought it maybe a tad cheeky but as you say; spread the word as they are a charity and need every penny! Sorry to hear about your mum. Such a rotten disease with no rhyme or reason. Sending hugs chicken. xxx