Friday 26 October 2012

End of An Era

I can't quite believe it is here. Tomorrow (Friday 26 Oct 2012) is the last day for my Hubby in his job with Harrods after 20 years! Yes 20 years!!! We knew it was coming; despite the redundancy being voluntary he didn't really have any other choice. But since handing in his 60 day notice, the time has just flown and when he gets up at 4am tomorrow, it will be for the last time! Obviously to celebrate this, he will wake me up to share this momentous occasion with him . . . . . Cheers. I look forward to it.

  No doubt falling back to sleep will be impossible after getting up to feed the cat who, on hearing the alarm will think it's breakfast time. It's like Bagpuss in this house; when Hubby wakes up so does everyone else . . . Except No 1 Son who would sleep through the Zombie apocalypse and then get the hump at missing it!

 Anyway, back to Hubby. 20 years. Wow! When he first turned up at 'The Corner Shop' in 1992 as a greasy, long haired 20 something he had no idea it would be such a huge part of his life. . . . .

In January 1993 a bomb exploded from a litter bin on the Brompton Road outside Harrods. Hubby was on duty on the door where the litter bin stood. The bomb smashed and blew in the windows. No one was hurt. Hubby saw out the rest of his shift  and then went to the pub where the world and his wife bought beers all night for him.

And then in 1996, his life changed forever . . . . . . .  for the better (of course) . . . . . . . I had arrived like a breath of fresh air, like the Tazmanian Devil, like a whirlwind (take your pick) and Hubby didn’t know what hit him! I love this store! I indeed was a kid in a sweetshop/toyshop/bookshop/bakery and the handbags!!!!! (But that could be another story if I convince Hubby to part with some of his money for a Chloe or Burberry or Chanel . . . . . the list is endless). He went from the 'I don't want a relationship eternal bachelor' to being a couple. (Hee, hee).

Then in the summer of 1997, Diana, Princess of Wales began dating Dodi, the son of 'The Boss' of  'The Corner Shop'and then August 31st happened. Amazing scenes along the Brompton Front with a sea flowers never ending. The amount of people in the dead of night was just as many as during the busiest part of the day. And then after finishing the night shift, we walked over to Kensington Palace to view the flowers and sign the books. To this day I have no idea what Hubby wrote in the book.

In 1998, I left Harrods to have No 1 Son. Harrods was the place where No 1 son had his first haircut which was a painless experience and where we bought his first pair of shoes.

 Obviously since I left, life for Hubby at work has been rather quiet. Well, apart from winning a couple of golfing trophies. But it has been an important part of our lives. Without it, we would not have met or met some wonderful lifelong friends.

I can’t believe Hubby is leaving but am pleased he is I guess. The long days and travelling are getting harder. Although I shall miss the bonus Christmas pudding and other gifts.  But I won’t miss those white shirts or the 4am alarm . . . unless we're off on holiday!

Happy last day at Harrods Hubby!!!



  1. This is such a wonderful post, Elisabeth!! May you both enjoy where life takes you from here!!!


    Happy Last Day, Elisabeth's hubby!!

    1. Thank you Ruth. I do not like change . . . but this will be a welcome one. . . positive thoughts that all will be well. xxx

      Ps . . you are either up very late or up very early; writing no doubt :-)) xx

  2. Oh, I love this post Lizzie! I remember the bomb and Princess Di...there's always been so much news around Harrods.
    I wish you both all the best with the break and hopefully a new job (unless that's all sorted!)?
    And lastly...did he wake you at 4am? Not my favourite time of day! x

    1. Well sort of. He got up and the cat decided to investigate and jumped on me, meowing! No new job as yet but he does have plans. Glad you like chicken. I did have second thoughts about posting. x

  3. Liz, this is gorgeous. I never knew your history with Hubby, this is so lovely. Many memories indeed. I hope he has a memorable last day and the future is bright for both of you and No.1 son. Lots of love Joy xxx

    1. Cheers chicken. I'm really pleased you liked it. It's such a mile stone, I needed to mark it somehow and writing a little blog seemed the best way. xx

  4. Amazing, all that history under one's belt. Lovely post. Hope something good comes along soon x.