Sunday, 6 January 2013

That Sunday Night feeling. . . .

I was asked whether I could write something this Sunday evening by a friend (The Mad American) who would like cheering up. You see she is suffering from ‘That Sunday Night Feeling’ and she’s not alone.  It happens every Sunday but this Sunday evening is much worse because it follows two fantastic weeks off work.

I know we shouldn’t moan about going back after two weeks when others went back to work after Boxing Day and some even worked Christmas.  (And I have been one of those people working Christmas in past jobs). And we are very lucky with the time off we do get and it is very much appreciated but we wish this holiday would never end.

The Christmas holiday has been amazing this year. The Mad American (who asked for this blog) stayed in the UK for Christmas and as much as she misses her family stateside, she has a lovely family here and shed loads of friends. In fact her daughter came back from the states to join her for Christmas. How cute. I think they spent an awful amount of time in Costa according to her facebook; single handed she's propping up the local branch.
And there have been an amazing amount of birthdays this past two weeks for the Mad American; one of which was mine of Boxing Day and another was a very good friend of her’s who had a mile stone birthday. Just so many things going on despite the weather.  

Indeed, on New Year’s Eve which was blustery, wet and cold (as usual), my Hubby and I went for a mad stroll along the beach which was whipping up a frenzy so much, the sea looked like a milkshake. The wind felt like a million stones were being thrown at our faces such was the sting and ache with bitter cold. But I need my daily walk. My Hubby says that I am very much like a dog in that I need the fresh air to tire me out so I sleep well and it gets rid of my mood and I was moody. It was New Year’s Eve and we ended up being a taxi for our son.  But I am pleased he had a good time if not slightly filled with envy but then he is 14 and I’m 40something 39 again. So I had to let off some energy and being tossed around the beach like a polystyrene cup in that wind certainly did the trick. Soaked through and freezing cold, it was the best New Year’s Eve after a long hot shower and snuggling up all cosy until being summoned to collect No 1 Son.  

There was another walk a few days later at Cuckmere Haven which turned into a survivalist’s adventure. Ray Mears I am not! The footpath was three feet under water so had to go off road which was awful for someone who is a city chick, hates heights and mud.  And the Hubby left me as I was being a wimp and laughed at my struggles from above as I slipped and slid all over the place. I think at one point I was on all fours crawling up a bank to avoid a deep bog.  

But I digress. It is Sunday night and it’s back to work tomorrow. It is lovely to see everyone again and get back into the swing of things. But it’s that early morning alarm call that is going to keep me awake most of the night as I worry whether I will hear my alarm in the morning.  And that worry will keep me awake. Not that I am an insomniac- the beach walks, writing and giving up drinking Pepsi Max have sorted that out.  And it’s not the ticking of the clocks either; there are no ticking clocks. It drives me mad. When I stay at my mum’s, all her ticking clocks are shoved deep in drawer smothered in blankets.  It’s back to clock watching, getting lunches ready, uniform ready, getting up while it is still dark which should be banned, walking to work in the dark which is scary even though it’s the same route as the summer, it just seems sinister and therefore should be banned, if nothing else for my own sanity.

And now to sign off this blog so my friend can be distracted from her planning and read this (yes although it has been a nice break off work, work still needs to be done in preparation for the next six weeks and another week off- woo hoo). I hope you all had a fab Christmas, New Year, Birthday (if applicable lol), parties, family time and if you made any New Year resolutions, I hope you are going well with them. Mine is going brilliantly after five days in but we shall see . . .
PS Good luck to Sis who has decided to give the cigarettes the push once and for all.  
Love, Me


  1. I find January very difficult, after all the excitement of Christmas and New Year. Hubby always takes two weeks off work and it's glorious family time! Like you we do walks, beaches and forests, not so much fun this wet...but we love the time together.
    Back to work, back to school...hmmmm.
    And I'm now chauffering everyone due to hubby's cracked ribs, so I'll be up at the crack of dawn to take him to work before getting the kids up!
    Really glad you had a lovely holiday, and the mad American too! Good luck with the early mornings...wish me luck too!

    1. Oh Lisa; it's all such a busy, miserable, wet time and so cold and empty when all the Christmas bits are put away. I am thinking of you and your poor Hubby. Well done for him to be back to work though so soon. But not much you can do with cracked ribs is there? Take it easy chicken. xx

  2. This was such a fun read!! I often suffer from the Sunday late afternoon panic! I hate the feeling that the weekend is drawing to a close and I haven't done all the fun and or relaxing things I wanted to! May we all have a wonderful week wherever duty calls us!! xoxo

    1. Amen to that chick. . . .and this week hasn't been so bad. Rather nice to get back to routine. xx

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