Friday 29 March 2013

Flash! Friday # 17

My first attempt at Flash Friday hosted by the lovely Rebekah Postupak over at . Here's what I came up with from the rather Gothic picture prompt which I like very much. x 

The Last Guardian

The last Guardian looked to the indigo sky that was darkening by the second, smothering the stars that once brightly studded the sky.
It was time.
He knelt, resting a withered hand on the crumbling, moss covered tombstone and began to mutter incoherently as wisps of spirit floated up towards the tower.
     A sharp crack echoed throughout the ruin as a bright light beamed through the windows of the tower, shining down on the Guardian and the tombstones of his predecessors. Slowly, he rose knowing the pure light would attract those who had waited as long as he had for this moment, but with darkness guiding them.
    Shadows advanced across the land and the Guardian stood firm, hand raised, his fingers splayed. Blue sparks flew from his finger tips, finding their mark but there were too many and his powers were weakened.
     “Old man, your time here is over. A new order has begun.” The Guardian laughed at Cain as the light in the tower ceased.  
     A low rumbling vibrated through the ruin. Fire burst through the tower walls as the Guardian’s job was done; the dragon was born, surrounded by his predecessor’s spirit as Cain receded in fear and defeat.

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  1. WOW!!! I don't know why you don't have a hundred or more comments. I absolutely love the way your mind/imagination creates a story from a simple picture.

    1. That's a really gorgeous comment chick. Thank you so much!!! xxx