Monday, 5 August 2013

Monday Mixer An Apple A day


Oh my gosh! That was a challenge and a half!!! I have never taken part in this challenge before but thought, with a bit of time on my hands, why not? Famous last words as it has taken me forever to come up with this little story, using certain selected words that Jeff Hollar over at The Latinum Vault for his Monday Mixer has come up with. So, armed with dictionary and thesaurus and fuelled with determination, I came up with this. All I'm saying is 'it's a start' and remember, a first attempt. So be kind, if not kind then constructive, if not constructive then say nothing and I will get the message and will put this down to an experience on a rainy afternoon. xxx   

An Apple A Day

“One bite will cause a somnolent state Sire,” stated the witch, revealing the blood red apple in her long, bony fingers encasing it like a cage.
“Ah, magnificent! Now all the power and wealth will be mine!”
“You are an insular king; the worst kind, Sire,” she declared as she conjured a zephyr that lifted the apple to the King where it nestled in his lap next to his nougat.     

“And you are insolent. We had an agreement Witch, unless you wish to burn?” She blenched.  Her kin had suffered the burning, hearing their excruciating screams even now. She knew once he had the apple, he wouldn't let her leave the castle which was why she sparged the apple with ancient magic where upon anything the apple touched, the spell would transfer causing the apple to become harmless. The witch smiled as the king selected a large piece of nougat. 


And here is the list of words where you can select one from each and use in any tense as long as makes sense and the meaning hasn't changed. As you can see, I used two from one row. I don't think that classes me as an over- achiever lol. Maybe next time . . . did I say next time? Yeah right!.  xx    

things:          1) zephyr         2) plonk            3) billhook

Verbs:           1) ruminate     2) sparge          3) blench

Adjectives:   1) pawky         2) somnolent    3) insular


  1. Hehe I'm never going to look at nougat the same way again. A great first attempt, you managed so many of the words, very brave, :)

    1. Thank you Laura.Not sure brave is a word I'd use. . . silly. . . stupid . . but it was fun looking them up and making sense of them. xx

  2. The witch was rather pawky! I'd never heard the word before, so I have to use it whenever I can now. Nice! Now I guess she's off to find Snow White...

    1. Yes she is; I never even made the link with that one and it is such a cool word. Snow White better watch out lol. xx

  3. Ha After ruminating [with said dictionary for zepher, somulant and sparge] I concur this is an excellent first attempt and look forward to your next [yes I did say next!! ;) x]

  4. Really enjoyed your first attempt Lizzie! I love that Jeff now links each word to its googled definition when we click on it, really helps! With this as a start, a strong one, you can feel more relaxed about the next, lol...