Sunday, 11 August 2013

Five Sentence Fiction The Lesson


The Lesson

“I hope you all did your homework, open up your books, “ordered Professor Maygon as she surveyed her students, knowing immediately the ones to watch, the ones who hadn't even looked at their books let alone completed their homework, the ones who were only pretending; but then the ingredient wasn’t very pleasant to come by.“Now, read the recipe and collect your ingredients,” she snapped, her patience wearing thin with these wannabes especially when she didn’t want the job in the first place, nothing more than a babysitting service for stupid parents who didn’t understand the art of creating something special; the need to do as they were told which meant bringing in that ingredient to make it work. 

She watched as the students grabbed for ingredients at the bench, rushing around with their equipment which surprised her as they managed it all so well, yet wondering when the first would raise their hand for the one missing ingredient; the one that would promise her youth, vitality and beauty.    

“Your spell will not work students unless you did your homework,” she reminded them as their cauldrons bubbled, “after all you are all here training to become a dark witch and I must confess, none of you are worthy if you haven’t done as asked and brought in the most important ingredient." 

“I have,” one girl exclaimed as her hand shot in the air; all turned to look at the tall, willowy figure with long black hair (so witch like already that all she was missing was a broom and pointy, black hat) and the glass jar in her hand which appeared empty until the lid was gently unscrewed and the classroom filled with the laughter of a child.   

And that's this week's Five Sentence Fiction over at where you can read other submissions. I know I will be doing just that now my piece is done and dusted.   xx 


  1. Chilling but description is fantastic ... I was viewing the class and the professor as I read. X

  2. Creepy!

    Anyway, the last time I hid the laughter of a child was in the Middle Ages and had to use an earthen jug. After that I just used the cough of a false croup suffering tot.

    I cannot stand the laugh of a child, you know! :))

    I love 'witchery', and 'wizardry' tales! You wrote a beautiful short tale, I enjoyed it no end!

    Od Liam

    1. Thank you! I'm getting to love writing them too. By your very vivid description, sounds like you should write your own if you haven't already! xx

  3. I really liked this and especially the missing ingredient! Great style.

  4. Ha ha, I want to know how she caught/trapped/took the laughter! Great stuff Lizzie!

  5. Lovely! (See, I told you I would pop over!). There's something so delicate about capturing the laughter of a child in a jar... or do I mean sinister... mwahahaha! Anyway, what a great story, and hard to believe it was indeed only 5 sentences!