Friday, 2 August 2013

Flash! Friday #35 Extraction

What a nerdy looking picture for this week's FlashFriday #35 hosted by Rebekah Postupak. Here's what I came up with in 198 words. xx


“I don’t see,” said Marcus, annoyingly. Arnold mopped his brow, removing his glasses, rubbing his eyes. If this didn’t work, it was more than funding that would disappear and the Queen had lost all patience with their promises.  

“Look! It’s happening!” Arnold exclaimed, pointing to the extraction chamber. They watched eyes wide as the extraction chamber filled with energy; tiny golden particles swirling around before settling to the bottom. 

Carefully, Arnold opened up the chamber under the watchful eye of Marcus and a Queen’s agent. Ignoring the gold dust, Arnold reached in and with a pinch, picked up the little creature; wings drooped, all colour faded.

“How do we know there’s no magic left?” the agent asked.  Arnold regarded the fairy between his finger and thumb before releasing his grip. The three men watched as the fairy, once full of magic and vivaciousness, tumbled to the floor in a heap.

“We have the power of magic! Our Queen can now defeat all her enemies!” Arnold triumphantly declared.

“See, your Fairy Queen is dead and darkness will now rule,” the agent declared to a small cage of frightened fairies as they sorrowfully looked down on their lifeless Fairy Queen.  



  1. Aw, sad, sad, sad... poor little fairy!

    1. I know. . . .I wondered whether I should have gone that far. . . .

  2. Replies
    1. Lol . . . . .sorry. Balance will be restored. xxx

  3. That was a wickedly wrought little story from a seemingly harmless pic! Well done:)