Saturday 17 August 2013

Five Sentence Fiction Fabric

“Look, if it makes you feel better, you can have this,” said Marcus as he threw a voile towards her; the creams and pale oranges floating through the air towards her. Katie picked it up; careful her manicured nails wouldn't snag the delicate fabric.Her sceptical eyes travelled the length of the translucent material, knowing it would not make her feel any better about the situation but she had signed the contract, wanted to do the job even if her nerves were getting the better of her.

“Come on!” he barked; his kid gloved approach vanished, replaced by impatience as his model dithered, possibly changing her mind; he couldn't accept that, wouldn't accept that.

Taking a moment, Marcus stopped and looked to Katie as she sat with the fabric, her elfin features innocent, her perfect body not enhanced by cosmetic surgery; she was a beauty and whilst she struggled with her principles, nerves, hang-ups or whatever it was, Marcus didn’t care which; he began to shoot and knew that every click was going to make him rich, even if she changed her mind.  

And that's my Five Sentence Ficiton for Lillie Mcferrin's weekly flash fiction. Why not hop over to read the other entries or, have a go yourself. . . . . you may surprise yourself at what you come up with. xx


  1. This is beautiful writing, such simplicity. I can feel her inhibitions and doubt the voile will make her feel any better...what a weasel he is!

  2. I had to look up "voile." I learn things on these challenges all the time!

    Sounds like Katie has some internal issues to resolve, though Marcus has already resolved his - in the wrong way.

    Good story!

  3. Marcus is a snake...Katie is about to feel the effects of his poison.

  4. I really like the direction you went with this story. Very original and well written.

  5. Love love love
    Awesome blog hun!
    follow for follow?