Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Louis Smith . . .We love you!!!!!!!!

Here is a little piece of indulgence using 5 sentences and using the word delicate. It's not a story but a piece about our visit to the O2 to see the Strictly tour and LOUIS!!!!!  Enjoy. x

So pretty and sparkly . . . . . . .

Natalie . .where's Louis?
There was nothing delicate about the audience as we waved frantically and cheered madly as the dancers came on to the stage; their costumes vibrant, sparkling, gorgeous which just doesn't come across on the TV.
One dancer in particular raised the roof, an Olympian for Team GB in Gymnastics and champion of Strictly Come Dancing 2012 Louis Smith; cutie, sexy, talented dancer, cheeky grin and just so darn nice.  
His dancing was amazing; back flips, somersaults, tricks and that iconic lift from Dirty dancing sent us all into a frenzy of cheers, screams and claps and when the judges scored we booed Mr Len Goodman for his measly 8 when Bruno and Craig (Mr Fab-U-Lous himself) gave 10s.
We were lucky enough to have tickets in a corporate box at the O2 thanks to Sister’s boyfriend but it meant he had to come so he brought his friend and my Hubby to keep him company as I sat with my Sister and the Mad American.
Fortunately, Hubby was on hand to take pics and video of the night so I could concentrate on the dancing and the awesome show that is Strictly but after a few beers, his photography skills were failing; I’d say they failed at the start as when I looked through them, they were all of the professional dancer Natalie and my Louis hardly featured . . . . . just desserts though as he had a rather delicate head the following morning. . . .

We couldn't help but clap All. Night. Long

What are you doing Bruno!! (bottom r)

For my real 5 sentence fiction piece, click here for a thriller on Delicate. xxxxx



  1. I would love to go to that! Lucky thing, so glad you had a great time!

    1. Oh Lisa, you really should go along. It is the most amazing experience and so different to the TV show. xxx

  2. What a night!!!! Yes we did clap all night long!!! And hubby Koch did do an awesome job at photos and videos. Not bad for the amount of drinks he consumed. Thank you to Sister's boyfriend for always guaranteeing we have a splendid night in our own little section of the O2. It has become a much loved, much looked forward to tradition now!!!

    1. I know! I love our little tradition! I really can't wait for next year at all . . . and only 7 months until the TV show starts again! xx