Thursday, 17 March 2016

Thursday Threads 208

Ambrosia took delicate sips of her tea. She looked up at the night, pin pricked with glittering diamonds but never outshining the moon, reminding her there was a sun as its rays reflected on the lump of celestial rock, creating a silver stream of light in her world of darkness.

She finished her tea, gazing ahead. “You can come out now. We’ve stalked each other for hours, day after day. I’m tired of fighting.”

Like a shadow, Damon moved through the thicket into view. “I imagined you’d drink something stronger.”

“Nothing cleanses the palate of blood like tea.” She poured him a cup, her eyes never leaving him. “So what now, Hunter?”

He gulped the tea, swiping his hand over his mouth when finished. “I’m no hunter if the prey chooses not to run.” He smiled.

It was the first show of warmth from any human and Ambrosia liked it. “Can I suggest a truce?”

Damon studied her porcelain complexion, glowing in the moonlight, surrounded by luscious dark curls. “What about the deal with your family? I know you have until dawn to kill me. Or you die.”

“I have places they will never find me. I can’t kill you, you can’t kill me. It’s like we’re meant to coexist. I like that.”

He leant over, his lips crushing hers. He looked into her eyes of black. “Your family can have you.” He snapped silver cuffs on her delicate wrists, her skin blistering as he walked back into darkness.


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