Saturday, 12 March 2016

FlashMobWrites 1x50 There's an Old Man

After half an hour, Emily’s phone rang. It was the usual drill on a first date; get your bestie to phone in case your date was a complete arse and nothing like his profile picture. Kyle was everything like his profile picture and more as the intensity of his smoky eyed gaze caught Emily off guard, and she wasn’t ashamed to admit it, had her lusting after him. There were no words needed as Emily texted her friend with a series of emojis leaving no doubt of Emily’s intentions.

“Your friend checking I’m not an axe murderer?” He curled his lips in a half smile.
Her body temperature rose, showing in her blushed cheeks.
“I take it, seeing as no one has come to rescue you and you’re still sitting here, you’re happy to continue and see more of me?”
Her body was now on fire as she spluttered on her wine, surprised it hadn’t turned to steam.
“I meant seeing more of what and who I am.” He refilled Emily’s glass. “Although, I’m not adverse to you seeing me naked.”
“Are you always this forward on a first date?”
“Only when I see someone I really like.”

The flirting continued throughout dinner and by the time they left the restaurant, Kyle pulled Emily into him, crushing her cherry lips, smearing her perfectly applied gloss. He buried his face in her neck, inhaling her scent as his lips grazed her skin, feeling the throb of her pulse quicken.
Her hands came up to his chest as she peered over his shoulder. “Not here, Kyle. It’s too public. There an old man on that bench, getting a free show.”
He spun her around, facing the bench. “He's just a crusty old man. Your attentions should be on me.” He kissed her again, this time slow and sensual.
Both wrapped up in each other, neither saw the old man leap from the bench. Moments later, he’d shoved Emily to the ground,  ripping  her handbag that had hung carefree from her shoulder. A knife waved in front of Kyle as the old man demanded jewellery. Not hesitating, Emily stripped herself bare of anything that glittered, her eyes on the flashing blade. The old man ran, vanishing into darkness.

Shaken, sore and tearful, Emily sunk into Kyle. His arms tightened around her. It was a long night of strong, sweet coffee and police statements. All the while Kyle sat with her until they were alone. He waited until she sank into an empty sleep and left.

Kyle reached his dingy little flat in the small hours.  
“You took your time.”  
“She’s in shock. You surpassed yourself tonight, ‘Old Man’. She’s minted.” Kyle cracked open a beer.
“Good as that suit you’re wearing cleaned us out.”
“I have to look the part, just as you look the part, brother.”
“That wig itches. Next time, I’m the hot date. Cheers.” Bottles clinked as Kyle waited for his phone to ring.


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