Sunday, 2 February 2014

2014 Books, Books and More Books

One of my New Year’s resolutions was to read more as for 2013 I read about eight books which for a writer is shocking. And that includes a holiday in the sun where you’d think I’d have read a book or two. But no. I read nothing, not even a magazine. It was too darn hot.
It’s not as if I haven’t anything to read. My Kindle is choc full of books downloaded but not read. My paperbacks are building up, gathering dust as they wait to be opened. Imagine all those journeys waiting to be travelled just by opening a book.
Already my reading journey for 2014 has started well, having finished two novels and half way through a third at the start of Feb.
I hope to at least triple last year's pathetic total and then some.

The first book I read was given to me by a friend.

If ever there was a character that needed a slap around the face, she was in this book. Spoilt, fickle and annoying, creating situations and drama out of nothing. And you could see what was coming up a mile off; sooooo predictable. But it was a light, fluffy piece of escapism with a cute ending.

The second book I read in Jan was for teens, based on the experiences of a teenage Jewish girl escaping Hitler’s Germany.

Written by Judith Kerr, it explores the life of Anna as she moves from country to country to find safety and an identity.It’s a captivating read and I’m already halfway through the second book.


A strong start to the year for sticking to my resolution. Of course, my reading isn’t limited to books. I spend a great proportion of my time reading short stories on blogs as well as writing them myself. And I am currently reading my own novel for the purposes of editing in the hope of self publishing.

One month down, eleven to go. I wonder if I can keep it up? I have books from Christmas (2012) I haven’t even read as well as 2013. There’s no shortage of material. I just have to organise my time better when it comes to reading and become engrossed in the story so it’s hard to put down.  

I've also started another book, a classic that I've never read and some of you may be shocked to hear that I've never it. I'll leave that admission for the end of the month when I hope to have finished it.

Do you have recommendations for my reading journey of 2014? And what's on your reading list for 2014? I would love to hear and expand my reading lists too. xxx



  1. Oh yes! I'm glad I wasn't the only one last year...I think I only read five books last year, I added five on Goodreads! This year I'm determined to do better and have read four so far!
    Are you on Goodreads Lizzie?

    1. 4!!!! That's amazing! Yes, on Good reads but keep forgetting to use it. I shall try and keep up with that as well as long as it doesn't detract from my reading time lol. xx

  2. I am reading India Knight at the moment. Hers are very lighthearted and comical similar to Sophie Kinsella. I bought them on Amazon. It's taking me forever to read them because I read before bed and then fall asleep so quickly not because they are boring but because I'm exhausted lol.

    1. I know what you mean. That's my time for reading and sometimes it's too short as Hubby will come to bed demanding the lights out. I tried one of her's a few years back and couldn't get on with it. Maybe another try when you've done :-) xx