Monday 17 February 2014

My Writing Process Blog Tour

So when Laura James over at Office Mango invited me to the Writing Process Blog Tour, I automatically said ‘yes’ not actually thinking about what I would have to produce about writing. Gulp! It’s hard enough thinking of the next line in a story let alone thinking how you go about it.
But Laura did  and her entertaining entry. And thanks Laura for the invite. xxx 

My Writing Process

What Am I Working On?

   I wish the answer to this was a simple “I’m working on X” but the reality is, I’m also working on Y and Z too. Writing is like reading. I have three books on the go that I am reading and like wise with my writing. Last year’s Nano novel, which suddenly came to a halt due to a dead laptop, has now found new love/life and a few late nights which is great considering this week is half term. It’s a paranormal romance with a kick ass heroine. That is all I’m going to say on that one.
   Some lovely friends Beta read my Chick lit which I am also in the process of editing. One day, when I feel confident about sharing it with the big, wide, world, I will publish on Amazon.
   My very first attempt of a novel is also being revisited on occasion when I can face it due to the many errors I can’t believe I made!
    And of course there’s my blog I am working on with flash fiction. Often, a short story is the spark to something bigger.

How Does My Work Differ from Others of its  Genre?   

   That’s tricky. I can only go by what I have read. And there is not enough time in the world to have read every book in the genres I write. I guess it’s unusual to write in different genres and not stick to one. Whether this is a decision that will hinder me or enhance my writing, I do not yet know. But I do know I write because I enjoy it, love the characters and know there is a story there. I also know my female protagonists are not just there to be eye candy or fluff. They have purpose, are fun and can definitely look after themselves no matter the genre.

Why Do I Write What I do?

I would like to say ‘because the fairies in the bottom of the garden told me to.’ But it’s a lot less boring than that. Like I said, I always wanted to write but didn’t know how to start. Then, two years ago, a funny thing happened that I just had to share and on Feb 18th (two years tomorrow) my blog was born. It was then I stumbled into flash fiction and this is where ideas grow for feature length pieces of work. Flash enables you to experiment and go places I never thought possible. Only last week, due to the prompt, I wrote my first piece of erotica (very tame). It was well received so I may (when brave enough) expand on it. If I love the characters and there’s a story, I will write it. My venture into the  paranormal was inspired by my son wanting me to write for him, not sure I have fulfilled that though as it’s gone bit gushy. So I will be culling very soon.

How Does Your Writing Process Work?   

Sometimes it doesn’t! It completely leaves me with a blank page for days. So I walk away and enjoy life (usually a walk along the beach, or baking) until something hits me and I can’t wait to get back and write it, noting it down in case I forget (which does happen).  But I tend to be a rather chaotic writer. Too many things going on, notes everywhere. If it comes into my head, I write it. So where my story goes depends on the mood I’m in, the music I’m listening to and something I may have heard either on TV or spoken to me. I have a main plot written down in various places (too many notebooks) but any sub plots are victim to the time, mood and place. I make it up as I go along I guess. If I’m really excited, I will talk it out with close friends which inspires me even more. Often, ideas come into my head during the night. But can I remember them in the morning? I can't be the only one that happens to. There's probably loads of best sellers that have been born and died during the night somewhere in the world.

Thank you for reading and thanks again Laura for the tag. Now I have some people who would like to share their writing process with you. Here’s a little tease until next week ( Monday 24th Feb) for their story. . .

Rebecca Fyfe

An author with stories in several anthologies and collections, is a mother of seven children and, having lost 145 lbs. of excess weight, blogs about health and fitness at In keeping with her lifetime love of stories, she graduated with a degree in English Literature. She is a Californian who married an Englishman and now resides in Great Britain. Rebecca created and runs the chapter book challenge which runs every March, and, when not writing short stories or children’s stories, she’s busy creating urban fantasy novels, full of her own special blend of magic. She gets her inspiration from her five daughters and two sons. She is the founder of Melusine Muse Press and owns several online gift shops, one of which can be found online at You can find her on facebook, Twitter and through her blog at Rebecca and at

M L Gammella 

M L Gammella has been writing on and off since hight school, where she was often found scribbling in her notebook instead of following along in class. Who knew you had to pay attention in Pre-Cal to understand it? To this day, she still doesn't. 
She put down her pen for several years as she got caught up with college and work, but finally found her muse again after graduating with a bachelors in business in 2010. Her day job as a mortgage laan processor pays the bills while she pursues her love of writing. M L Gammella is currently trying to finish her Nano novels from 2012 and 2013 (she won in 2012). She also participates i several flash fiction contests throughout the week, runs the Daily Picspiration blogspot., and freelances in content marketing. When not writing, M L enjoys travelling, football, cooking, reading and spending time with her husband and three pets.


  1. Love this & I'm betting you so have faries talking to you. It's great that we've been writing nearly for the same length of time but am jealous that you have many genres you can dip in and out of. Xx

    1. Yes but Laura, you are an expert at your chosen genre. And I hadn't realised we started out at the same time until we took part in this. xx

  2. Lovely insight into how your writing comes to you. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thanks Miranda. It's lovely to read all the posts. xx