Monday 3 February 2014

Monday Mixer Treasure Seekers

The traipse of soldiers finally reached the river where they could rest. Although a long, tiring and challenging day, they were still at full complement which deserved some celebration especially with skirmishes from bandits along the way.
From across the river, snow capped mountains loomed, looking peaceful before the sun dipped behind the tallest jagged peak. Darkness cascaded upon them, leaving most with a feeling of penitence for what tomorrow would hold.
A thunderous roar ripped through the silence, sending half dazed soldiers scrambling for weapons in the thick, pitch of night, bristling with fear now that the bruits were true about what lurked in the mountains.
Sign up, be a soldier they said. See the world! Go on treasure seeking adventures! Well, that was all good and dandy until the roar of the mountains shattered every illusion that stealing dragon eggs was a good idea for a get rich quick scheme.
      “Don’t worry, settle down lads,” the stupid, corpulent leader said as the roars died down. “There’s enough riches in those mountains for us all to retire on.”
     “I predicate strongly a massacre,” Ronin whispered to himself as he tried to find sleep on his last night on earth.


Nouns:         1) bruit           2) traipse        3)  complement

Verbs:          1) round         2) predicate    3) bristle

Adjectives:  1) corpulent  2) penitent     3) euphoric


  1. I was lucky in that I knew some of these words already!!! I love the story. Maybe the obnoxious leader should be sent to the mountains on his own. Brilliant job honey!!!

  2. Ok this is great, way better than my daft effort. Words fit seamlessly :)

  3. Oh yes, don't steal dragon eggs...not a good idea! Nicely done, and I loved the second paragraph vista...nice view!