Thursday, 13 February 2014

'There's A Better Way' #ThursThreads Month of Love

Victoria lay on the bed, face down amongst the crisp, clean sheets, breathing in the gentle scent of spring which relaxed her fully. She wondered where Alex was but she daren’t move. Once Alex told you to do something, you did it. And he had told her to lay still and wait for him. At least she wasn’t naked like last time. Her skin bubbled up in goosebumps as she recalled that last time and she wondered what he had planned this time round. Her stomach swirled with excitement, causing her to become restless.
Where was he?
She heard the gentle padding of feet across the thick carpet and saw Alex placing lit candles around the room; assorted shapes, colours and sizes with the subtle scent of vanilla filling the air.
“Looks beautiful,” she murmured as seductively as she could.
“Yes, I guess it does. But there’s a better way for us to use them.” His eyes sparkled mischievously but his face remained stern as it always did. Victoria watched as Alex picked up a large cream candle, causing the wax to drip slowly down the side. He caught it on the tip of his finger. “It’s not too hot, you’ll like it, just remember the safe word.”
“Ok, “ was all Victoria could muster as her head told her to run, filling her with fear from the oncoming pain whilst her body waited in anticipation for the unknown thrills Alex brought her.


Written for Siobhan Muir's Thursday Threads themed month of love over at The weird, the Wild and the Wicked


  1. Weird!!! Very strange behaviour of Alex and Victoria!! But I love the image of the body smothered in coloured candle wax!!!

  2. I like this. Different for you but it works! You got her nerves and anticipation across really well, and it did make me wonder if it worked for them both, or if it was too much for her...I got the idea she was rather innocent!

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