Thursday 30 January 2014

Thursday Threads You Have to Bring the Right Tool for the Kill

“I bought a little something for you,” Robert said, placing a small package on the table. “It’s only something little.” Sarah’s eyes brimmed with excitement at the beautiful silver paper secured tightly with purple ribbon. “Here, let me help,” he offered as the purple ribbon was being stubborn. He pulled out a penknife and with one snip, the purple ribbon fell away.”
“Were you a cub scout by any chance, always prepared?” Sarah joked as she pulled away the silver wrapping.
“You have to bring the right tools,” he said smiling.
An emerald green, silk scarf revealed itself beneath the silver. “It’s beautiful,” she gasped, gently picking it up and twirling it through her fingers. The soft, sheer material slipped through her fingers like water before she placed it around her neck, matching her eyes perfectly as they sparkled under her auburn fringe.
After only two weeks of dating and too many luxurious gifts to mention, Sarah was overwhelmed and knew he was a keeper. She kissed him, drunk on passion as well as wine, on their walk to the car park and Robert obliged. He stroked the green silk, loving the feel on his skin before taking both ends, pulling tight. For the second time that evening, she gasped as her lungs screamed. “I told you, you have to bring the right tool  . . . for the kill,” he whispered, staring into her bulging, lifeless eyes, before reclaiming the scarf as his trophy.



  1. I knew it!!!!! I predicted what was going to happen before I got to the end. I'm beginning to think outside the box!!!! lol. And I loved it even though I'm not a fan of sad endings. heehee

    1. Glad you liked it, I didn't think you would due to the ending. It was a tad predictable. Good but tricky prompt. xx

  2. Ooh! Not the best date she ever had was he?!!! Great stuff, really enjoyed it :-)