Friday 5 April 2013

Flash! Friday #18

My second attempt at Flash Friday, hosted by Rebekah Postupak over at where you can read all the other entries. As always, there's a picture prompt which I struggled with this week. But I managed something and even some conversation which I barely do in my flashes. But I read it to Hubby and he hates it. . . . .maybe I should dump him in a pit of snakes. . . . .   

Task One

Juliet headed up the dusty hill, discarding her empty water bottle; her only obstacle now the relentless sun and her raging thirst. She rounded the craggy hill and there, shining in front of her was the silver dome of the balloon. She afforded a smile despite her cracked lips, knowing she was within reach of the prize; a map as well as her life and her nearest rival was nowhere in sight.
 Juliet stared as the balloon began to lift.  
He waved the map teasingly,  as the balloon rose, a winner’s smile spread across his face.
“Throw me a rope!” Juliet couldn’t lose, not now she was so close and death now clawing at her heels.
“And why would I do that? You tried to kill me.” Juliet ran, keeping up with Vaughn.  
“I think that’s a slight exaggeration Vaughn.”
“You left me in a pit of snakes!”
“Which were harmless.” Juliet tripped, sprawled flat out. A rope dangled tantalisingly close as Juliet grabbed for it successfully, swinging perilously above the desert.
“Maybe we should work together?” Vaughn offered as he pulled her into the basket.
“Work and relationships don’t mix dear husband” she grinned, plucking the map from his grasp as task one was now complete.

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  1. I like it!!! I think you should leave your hubby in a pit of snakes. Very cute story. xxxx

    1. Thank you Jan. It was hard this one, but needed the challenge to get the creative juices flowing. xx

  2. Good ssetting scene and shock but ended too quickly for my liking ... ;-) x
    Loved it x

    1. I know; 200 word limit is tough . . .it may be something to expand on. xx