Monday, 22 April 2013

5 Sentence Fiction Angles.

The surrounding sounds and activity were blocked from Carl’s mind as he stood alone, his breathing deep but controlled; the challenge ahead looking like an impossible stunt as he gauged the steepness. He flexed his fingers, the only movement betraying he wasn’t an urban statue.

 It was his moment, he tipped his foot.    

He sped down the half pipe, gathering speed at each turn until he knew it was now time; never about giving up, never about failing.

Gracefully flying through the air, Carl became one with his skateboard as he completed a full 360 before landing beautifully, and it was then the cheering of the crowd met his ears; he had succeeded and his broad grin was the measure of his triumph.   

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  1. Short, but exhilarating. I would never have thought of skateboarding, although now that you mention it .... :-)

  2. This is cool!!! Skateboarding is a great 'angle' on the word angle. Well done honey. Really love this one, short but entertaining!!!

  3. Wonderfully written! Is that one of your own in the photo? Brave moms with skateboarding children whirling through the air.

  4. Nothing wrong with the length! And it's quite a twist (no pun intended) on the prompt!