Thursday 18 April 2013

DFQWBS Together

MirandaRebekah and Laura have come up with the best idea for a bridal shower EVER! A chance to write a short story based on The Proposal, The Wedding or The Honeymoon. I bet this is one present Kate and Will's didn't receive. But our fabulous bride and her Hubby Anna and Michael  are lucky enough to have the chance to enjoy all the romance, glitz and maybe the odd dark tale that is to be bestowed upon them from all us little writers in the  Dark Fairy Queen Writerly Bridal Shower - DFQWBS. Here is my offering. I have to say that I spent many a sleepless night trying to think of something magical and fairy tale-ish but it turned out an epic fail. Sorry.  One day I will venture into the land of goblins, witches and dragons -ooh exciting! But for now you have Kian and Gemma to tell a tale of a romantic wedding in a style I have never written in before. . . .        

Title - Together
Author- Lizzie Koch
eBook- Yes 

“It’s our wedding tomorrow” Kian whispers softly. He holds Gemma’s hand, stroking the smooth skin with his thumb.
“You’ll be waiting nervously, wondering whether I’m late or not turning up.  Mark gives you a pep talk. I bet you have a few beers beforehand too.”
“Of course.” There’s a pause as Kian glances out of the window.
“Tell me what your thoughts are when you see me.”
“I’m the luckiest guy alive as you walk, no glide towards me, grinning like crazy and stopping yourself from waving madly at your friends.” He chuckles. “And then you look at me and my nerves vanish.”
“And my heart quickens, the closer I get to you. I smell your aftershave. You look so gorgeous; I just want you all to myself. I tell you how much lilac does suit you even though you argued with me for months about the colour.”
“Not sure about the lilac but I’d marry you naked if it meant you’d be mine.” He grins cheekily.
“Not sure about the Vicar naked.” They share a stifled laugh.
“I’m not too fussed about the hymns, I just move my mouth.”
“Kian! You have to sing. It’s our wedding. It’s the law.” He looks at her wryly. “I sing and think about signing up for X factor.”
“You can’t sing” Kian reminds her after many assaults to his eardrums.
“Since when did that stop people signing up?”
“Good point.  You look lovely.” Gemma’s face creases with confusion. “Your wedding dress. It’s elegant, sophisticated and not a meringue in sight.”
“Thank you. I want to touch you. You smell delicious. I think the Vicar has been drinking though; it’s overpowering.”
“That’s me. I had a few beers, remember, panicking about the rings.”
“And then Mark steps forward with the rings. You say your lines perfectly. I can’t stop staring into your blue eyes as you say them” utters Gemma dreamily.
“I slip the ring onto your finger.” Kian slides his fingers tenderly along her wedding finger.
“You try to slip it on but my fingers are hot and swollen and you have to ram it on. I laugh and you smile and I melt again for the thousandth time.”
“Then it’s your turn and you fluff your words but you get my name right and the ring does slip on my finger, even over my knuckle.” He sounds smug but his smile is sincere but with flecks of pain.
“I keep hold of your hand, not wanting to let go, ever.” 
“Like now.” They look at each other as Gemma’s grip is tight. “I just want to devour you Gemma.”
“Now or tomorrow?” She loves how he says her name and despite their location, she wishes she could be with him now. 
“Both. I can’t wait to get you on your own after the ceremony, away from prying eyes. My wife; sounds strange but familiar.”
“Yes, but you've missed the best bit where the Vicar says what everyone waits for” Gemma teases.
“The only part we didn't need to practice.” He leans over and his lips meet hers, soft and gentle but Gemma is hungry for him, fuelled by passion; her hand running through his thick, blonde hair.” She doesn’t want to let go as it will bring her back to where she doesn’t want to be, not anymore. Kian gently pulls away from the most intense moment of his life. He sees panic in Gemma’s eyes.   
“Shame we can’t become members of the Mile High Club.” He winks and Gemma’s tummy flips. She loves the wink.
“Do you think they’ll let us?”  Kian looks out of the window and grips Gemma’s hand.
“There’s no time. I love you Gemma and always will.”
“I love you” whimpers Gemma.

The air hostess shouts to brace for impact as Gemma and Kian crunch over their knees, hands held tight, life jackets on as the middle of the Indian Ocean looms at frightening speed.  

“Look, my wedding dress” cries Gemma, wanting to reach it.
“You can’t Gemma. We didn't make it.” He’s still clutching her hand as they hover over the wreckage. “But we’ll be together for eternity; you and me, riding the stars.” 


Wedding Toast - Congratulations to you both. Here's to a wonderful life full of laughter, happiness, stories and shenanigans. Lots of Love Lizzie. xxx 

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  1. Oh, together forever - lovely and haunting!! xoxo

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  6. A beautiful testament to their eternal love. Although it might seem tragic, I don't see it that way - they're together forever and nothing can come between them. Their love will strengthen and never wane.
    A great story, Lizzie :-)

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