Friday 19 April 2013

Flash! Friday #20

Flash Friday is here; doesn't the week fly? And this week Rebekah Postupak has given us a humorous  prompt which reminds me of the greeting cards you can buy now with a witty phrase. Quite tricky to write humour but a relief after all the dark flash fictions I have written this past week or two. I hope you like this and it tickles your funny bone.  And if you want to read the other entries from fab writers, then please visit at your leisure. xxx  


“It wasn’t messy, just a few drinkies Bertie.”
“A few drinkies! In a speakeasy! In the prohibition!” Bertie’s vain throbbed on the side of his head as he paced up and down in frustration.
“Darling, there wouldn't be speakeasies if it wasn’t for prohibition. Honestly, Bertie.  Have you been sniffing the cooking sherry again?”
“No I have not! Now look here Elsie. As the man of the house and your husband, I forbid you to enter these premises again.”
“Oh Bertie. Stop being such a stick in the mud. Now calm yourself before you keel over and I become a woman of means and buy a speakeasy.”
“Now” Bertie began, having taken a deep breath, trying to remain calm. “Father thinks you need something to occupy yourself. I've invited the sobriety ladies for morning coffee. I think you can learn from them. Drinking is ruining the City and I don’t have to remind you that our lively hood rests in the City. That goes bust, we go with it.” Elsie sat, pondering his words. Not liking them but understanding her position and finally agreed with a silent nod.
The butler walked in with the guests and the morning newspapers.
 “Bertie, there’s something you need to know darling.”
“Mmm” replied Bertie, flicking through the paper. “What the blazes!” The vain in his head was popping.
“Ah, you found it. Sorry.”
“Sorry!” he spluttered. “I don’t expect to see my wife in a state of undress in the papers!” A gasp emitted from the ladies and one needed smelling salts as Bertie threw the paper to the floor, exposing Elsie’s milky white breasts.  She picked it up with interest.
“I think this might catch on Bertie; brings a whole new meaning to keeping abreast with the news.”



  1. Fun one Lizzie, and so risque for the time. :0)

    1. I did struggle with this prompt; humour is sooo tricky. Glad you enjoyed it though. xx

  2. I like her flippancy and nonchalance, and you created the setting instantly & so easily! (Curious - how do they make money from the city? Is it something sinister? Or is he a politician? Or..?)

    1. Thanks Aria; it didn't seem easy; big struggle with the prompt this week. He's just an upstanding guy, making his money legally at what? I hadn't given it much thought. xx

    2. Well the struggle didn't come across in the reading, so well done :)