Saturday, 7 July 2012

The (Un) Domesticated Devil

The UnDomesticated Devil

A little blog from an obsessed carb Queen!

I think it’s finally happened! I never thought it would in my life time and I’m not talking about a Brit reaching the Men’s final at Wimbledon or the weather people actually getting it right (unfortunately!). I have actually become (to the sound of fanfare) domesticated!  

It wasn’t the plan and never was. Always getting home from work cream crackered, dinner never stood a chance. The ironing pile looked like it was breeding, the dining table had all but disappeared under ‘stuff’ and the hoover was looking more like an antique.
But I then started a new eating plan courtesy of the Harcombe Diet. Basically for five days you cut out all sugars. This includes fruit, carbs and diet drinks as well as dairy (apparently you can get milk sugars). The only lucky ones to get the go ahead were porridge (made with water) and natural plain yogurt (in small quantities). The rest of my daily intake was made up of meat (not processed), eggs and veg of any kind (not spuds, pulses). Oh and caffeine was to be knocked on the head but as a social leper (non drinker of tea and coffee) that didn’t bother me. Although how I was to survive without my Pepsi Max was worrying.

The reason for this drastic action was because for years my Hubby has called me ‘hyperglycaemic’ whereby I would bite his head off if my dinner wasn’t ready as the hunger gripped me like a vice.  Well these five days (if followed correctly) would rid me of this and I wouldn’t be such a slave to my stomach. And also to lose some weight!

Five days. Easy peezy! And Hubby was going to do it too, to support me and make meals times easier.

So in a nutshell here are the days.

Day 1- I as sooooo hungry! I was also filled with disbelief that bacon and eggs would help me lose weight more than a fruit salad. But I stuck with it despite No 1 Son waving a bag of Whispa bites under my nose.

Day 2- The worse day ever!!! My hunger would not go away despite eating as much meat and veg as possible. I had a headache, felt sick and could have killed for a bowl of cereal! Or strawberries with half a ton of sugar on them. I was not happy! And everyone knew it! Even the cat steered clear!
Day 3- Wow! I woke up a new person. No cravings, no hunger pains and no grumpiness! I even came home from work, pottered about and then had dinner. There was no raiding the fridge, no teaspoons in the chocolate spread and no vegging on the sofa.

 Days 4 and 5 were pretty much the same and I was enjoying being free, from what appears to be a carb stooper, that I continued for another five days.


Everyone is happy! I’m happy because I am no longer a slave to my stomach, food tastes great and I’ve lost 10lbs. Hubby happy because I’m not a rat bag he wants to kill with a wooden spoon, the house is clean and I’m pulling my weight. He’s also pleased to see that I am actually enjoying shopping again and buying new clothes. Yay.
From years of dieting with a slimming club where I became reliant on cereal bars and low fat (high sugar) foods and always hungry, I have finally found what is right for me and a healthy eating style that hopefully won’t be hard to maintain. When I’m ready I can start introducing carbs as long as not processed. And once that’s mastered, I can then introduce the odd chocolate bar etc. Which is awesome as No 1 Son bought me a 1 kilo bar of Dairy Milk from Cadbury World.  

Right, this Domesticated Devil has some ironing and washing to attend to before I go to the gym and then try some clothes on. And that’s something I thought I would never say!

Love me!


  1. You are wonderful. This is very inspirational lovely one. Well done. Joy xxxx

    1. Thank you Joy. So lovely to see you here, commenting. Means so much and your words are gorgeous! You know how to make me smile! :-)) xxx

  2. ok I am trying again now!!!! I love this blog honey. It's hard to believe that you would be a moody pants when you are hungry!!! So funny. Keep up the no carb diet as I know you have been very successful and its keeping your family happy too. I, for one, loved you before the new diet and love you during it too lol This darn comment better work and get posted or I am going to be a very big moody pants!!! :-)

    1. Yay!!! It worked and it was worth the wait chicken. I'll try for another few days before moving on to the next stage where little by little I start introducing the Carb back in and follow the rules. I need to read the reat of the book first!
      Love you too chicken!
      Ps I need some more mad Americanisms from you! xxx

  3. Very surprisingly I haven't been as thick as normal this past week. Must be the fact that I am now 50, I am starting to be more logical. lol I am sure there will be more on the way.....also on holiday I usually have many moments so I better remember them. Sadly, my older sister is slightly worse than me when it comes to dizzy. Not good is it? Runs in the family. xx

    1. You're not thick chick. But I can't believe anyone is worse than you. Keep a little journal of your mad moments please! Or message me when you can so I can add. . . it makes people laugh and we need a good laugh with no money and no sun! x

  4. Woo hoo no more carb slave & u get to eat all that yummy natural food, hopefully this will inspire other peeps to ditch processed food :-)
    Hubby won't know what's going on with the ironing pile disappearing ;-) xxx

  5. Well hello, ooh I am so tired, but I thought as I was I was sitting here I would read your blog and I did enjoy it, oh my you have turned into a stepford wife. Well done for sticking to it shame the weather is so pants for you to get your legs in a skirt though. Of to do some boring o license for for nick borring! Clare

    1. I ahve got a nice new one waiting to get it's first outing! xxx