Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Five Sentence Fiction Breakfast

 Light streamed through the window, casting its beam across the crisp white linen as Stacey awoke, stretching out her legs until they touched the resting limb beside her, rumbles beginning to fill her empty tummy.  
Her mind wandered back to just a few hours earlier when she first laid eyes on Aaron across the bar where he worked, generously topping up her drink between snatched conversations.

He stirred, wearing a small smile as he opened his eyes, seeing Stacey grinning back but his smile quickly evaporated as he jumped from the bed like it was on fire, already attempting to strip it, sending Stacey and her words of breakfast tumbling.

“I’m sorry,” he said in a panicked voice, “you weren’t meant to spend the whole night! My girlfriend will be back from work in half an hour."

Written for for Five Sentence Fiction, the prompt 'breakfast' and based on a true story.


  1. Nice story. I hope the jerks girlfriend came hoe early.

  2. that was supposed to say home. LOL

  3. hahaha... awesome!!! I also hope the same as Sheila :-p
    Thanks for stopping by on Drishti, Lizzie... :-) hope to read more of your writing... Cheers, Archana :-)
    ps - the eggs that you ordered are ready ;-)

  4. That was mean on his part. I second what my mates above have said the girlfriend should surely surprise him!

  5. My reaction was "Oh Sh*t, how could he"