Saturday 22 August 2015

Six Word Saturday . . . Lovely Week For Fluff and Stuff

Lovely Week of Fluff and Stuff

Six pic highlights of my week
     Bundle of fluff 1                                                                                             Bundle of fluff 2
Met this cutie for the first time
my great niece (9months).
Spent time with my niece (4 months)


We visited Thorpeness where
you'll find The House in the Clouds 
We messed around taking selfies

A gorgeous 5* review for my chicklit novel started the week. Reviews are what makes an Indie author's novel a success so I was chuffed to bits by this review, and a writer too.
Available through Amazon

And to finish the week?

More stuff
I was in Suffolk and got this text from my son in Sussex. As you can see he is a boy of very few words. Kept me dangling for what felt like ages before he told me and then not much detail. But proud to bits for my boy who can now go on to do what he wants to do. 

So there's my week in six pictures for Six Word Sat over at hosted by Call Me Cate


  1. Fluff & stuff: never get enough.

  2. I'm always chasing fluff around the house, and there's far too much stuff. But your littlies are not stuff - they're gorgeous.

  3. I thought Fluff might be your cat :) :)
    House in the clouds looks fun.

  4. What a great week! Love your fluff and congrat on your stuff!